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This ‘n’ that …

We just had a very brief storm go through the area. There was a little rain, thunder, wind, swarming mosquitoes, and a short power outage. (We are near the town of McBride and are often serviced by generators when the power fails: I think that is what is working for us now.) It’s surprising that the internet is working, so I’ll chat with you!

The mare that was lost for six days has been found, alive and well! She even seemed to feel unscathed! Her owner, of course, was exhausted but so relieved.

That day, I had made a batch of chili in the crock pot, anticipating that we would help feed a very somber gathering of searchers. As each day passed, many of us doubted that the horse had survived. When the good news came, I was ready to contribute to the “celebration”.


The peonies are out! I discovered that the yellow peonies are not good as cut flowers, unless I’m “missing something”. Perhaps I should have crushed the stems, or singed them with a match or … to heck with that. The yellow flowers just collapsed once they were in a vase, and the pink ones picked at the same time and treated the same way, are fine.


I groomed a couple of cats this week. Pickles could hardly have been more outraged and intractable, and Sebastian couldn’t have been more mellow. I could hear the sound of the black cat’s purring over the whir of the electric clippers!



Sam was making overtures or was trying to console Sebastian. Sebastian was just rolling around happily.


I groomed some little dogs, too.








Cleo ~ owners loved her pink tail.


Sparky and Billie have stayed with us.

While tidying some outdoor dog kennels the other day, I filled some dog-dug holes with my foot, and turned around to see a toad right on top of where I had stomped (tamped) the soil/shavings down. I felt terrible.

I inspected the toad who seemed thin and dehydrated, but uninjured. Had I stomped him or not? I could not tell, but I gave him a little bath in tepid water, and placed him in a safe spot by our ditch, in the long grass and weeds. An hour later when I checked, he was gone. This is a stock internet photo, not one of the poor creature that I may or may not have harmed.


The mock orange is in bloom! This is a straggly bush that looks amazing for … I dunno … about a week. Its beautiful scent adds caché to the yard, I think.


Our tiny buddy Cinder has turned out to be a great addition to our household. He makes us smile with his antics and bravado. Cinder is also affectionate and biddable … well, about as biddable as many 5 month old dogs are.


Cinder watched me weeding in the garden yesterday, in the stifling heat: you can see that he stayed quite comfortable.

Today I wanted to work in the yard and vegetable patch again, but the mosquitoes were horrendous, and then the storm came, so that was a bust. I returned to the house, thwarted and grumpy, and thought, “We should have PIE!”. I threw together (instead of pie) a rhubarb crisp, and then the power failed!

But the power is back on. The crisp is baked. Pulled pork is ready in the crock pot … all is fine enough in our little world.

Love, Ann


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