Life and Pets

Not a hero today …

This morning my only appointment was a “no show” … they simply forgot, and there are no hard feelings. I worked for a very short time in the yard, and then it started to rain.

After tidying the kennels and doing laundry, I sat and played a computer game, had lunch, and sat some more.

During this rainy day, some locals were searching for a horse that, riderless, had bolted from a trail ride, YESTERDAY! I felt worried and sad, and finally got off my butt to help look for this mare, last seen galloping down the mountainside  with saddle and bridle on.


I mostly drove and peered into the bush, down fence lines, and into yards, from the comfort of the car.  I walked down a government road and observed some fresh horse manure and hoofprints and got my hopes up. But it turned out that I was tracking a tracker … I heard a horse snort when I approached my starting point, and then glimpsed a dark horse and dark dog coming out of the bush. Was not the missing horse, as she is grey, but I assumed this was part of the search party.  I was not close enough to talk.

I took a hike up a recreation trail and again saw horse manure, but decided that too was evidence of the search operation. I looked at people’s fields, especially where horses were grazing, hoping so much I could make the mare materialize.

Was not to be, not so far. I keep checking Facebook, hoping that the animal is found. I’m now home again. Wish I could have been more help.

– Ann

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