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Party of the century …

I just came back from the dinner party for Aunt Janette’s 100th birthday in Calgary. There was a luncheon for the staff and residents of our aunt’s care home earlier, as well.

Our darling matriarch, oldest sibling of our late mother, seemed to know that the party was for her. I don’t know if she recognized Rae and I. Janette felt “celebrated”, and had some wonderful answers to questions, and a few anecdotes … we all hung on every word. Cousin Lesley, Janette’s only living child, did such a perfect job of organizing the dinner, and told a few great stories as well.

An unfortunate picture of me, above, standing next to beauties cousin Lesley, and my sister Rae. This photo has already been sent around to numerous beloved cousins, so I might as well share.
Kim also attended the party and had a pleasant time. I was so glad that she wanted to come.

Kim, my own “home grown” beauty

I drove from our home in McBride, B.C., up to St. Paul in north eastern Alberta, where Rae and her husband live. It’s not really THAT far north, but it seemed far. Rae and I travelled together to Calgary, and had some long and good hours of chatter and connecting. In Calgary, we shopped and dined out, sometimes with Kim, and also with Lesley and her husband Frank. The weekend passed quickly, but I felt that I was away from home long enough (Gary was fairly busy with the Pet Hostel plus his own work).
Janette was presented with this beautiful plaque, as her husband, our Uncle Art, was a CN policeman for most of his adult life. The family was transferred to many places in Canada during Arthur’s long career.
When asked what was her favourite place to live, Janette replied, “Where my husband was.”
Not sure that this is a better picture of me, but I feel it’s a good picture of my sister. Lesley had bought every woman a “fascinator” for the party: so much better than goofy paper birthday hats! It was an amazing coincidence that there was a fascinator matching every lady’s outfit, without Lesley knowing what we would be wearing.
On Friday night in St. Paul, I dined with Reg and Rae, and later, my nephew Dave and I went for a couple of drinks at Smitty’s. (… who knew? It’s not just pancakes.)
I was going to share more photos, of my work and of my travels. But I’m struggling to “fix” the images to make them suitable for this blog, at the same time I was choosing and fixing some to send back to Lesley. I get so frustrated: even asked Gary if he had heard me swearing at the computer. Sometimes I don’t know whether the problem is that the computer is getting old, or there’s a mouse malfunction, or the trouble is my own ineptitude.
I need to give up for the night. Hope you are well. Thank you for reading my blog.
~ Ann

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