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Come rest in my garden …


I might never forget that one of my friends, during a period of time in which she was almost debilitated by anxiety and depression, said that she wanted nothing more than to come rest in my garden.

Sometimes she did, not often enough. At those times, I would set aside my own angst over all the many weeds or perennials spreading too enthusiastically, trees needing trimming, flowers needing deadheading and more. In fact, sometimes if a friend comes to visit, that’s a welcome break, because, as Gary says about the work, “It’s never ending.”

There were actually TWO friends who were troubled and who wanted to “rest in the garden” with me. We would have ginger ale or beer, and talk or not talk. Both of these friends have died, and I hope that somehow just sitting with me, listening to the birdies sing, helped them at those infrequent times that they actually showed up.

Today was a pleasant day for planting and weeding. I didn’t put too many hours of work in, but there were no mosquitoes while I was puttering in the garlic patch! I planted the little corn plants in their jiffy pots, and the rest of the corn seed.

Cinder kept me company. He exhibits a behaviour that McKenna did … catching and “killing” hunks of weeds when they are thrown. I do have to watch that little bugger though … he can bite and carry off the strings which mark the rows, dig sizeable holes in attempts to catch bugs, or find other mischief to get into. Some day I might teach him to wait on the lawn outside the vegetable garden, but I enjoyed his company as I sat in the soil weeding amongst the garlic rows.


p.s. (Now that I am at the desktop computer looking at a bigger photo of this pic of Cinder, it appears that his eyes are “weird” looking. His eyes are entirely normal in real life … one red spot would have to be the reflection of my red shirt!)


I only weeded one of the shorter rows of the many rows of garlic. The garlic crop, one might say, is Gary’s claim to fame, and last year’s yield was more than 200 pounds.

If we want the garden and yard work to be anything BUT “never ending”, we will have to downsize or get some help. Really though, I don’t know of anyone who gardens who declares the work “done” or the projects finished.

But we are done for the day. I’m sitting with my feet up talking to you. Dinner is under control (tonight features hot roast beef sandwiches).

I’m composing this post on my iPad, so I might add something later when I download pictures to the desktop computer. Or I might save some chatter for another day.

Love, Ann


Cinder with his teddy.

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