Life and Pets

Whew, Friday night …

We don’t have big plans, and that’s just fine. I finished grooming at about 3 o’clock and felt too tired to go to town to bank, get mail, and shop. On the other hand, dinner is in the oven and smelling SO good!

Tomorrow there are “Pioneer Days” events in our little town, and starting with parade time, I intend to post my equivalent of a “Gone Fishing” sign so that I can enjoy the efforts of dozens of volunteer community members.

I groomed these wee ones today:

Holly Hart


Holly is a purebred miniature schnauzer kept in a plain, short style. I didn’t remember how well behaved she was, as I haven’t seen her for a while. Someone had trimmed her eyebrows before she came here, so they are not too schnauzer-like (not like visors), but that doesn’t matter.




Gamble, camera shy

Kian and Gamble, both ex-show dogs (Shih Tzu), are kept very short and practical. In all my years of grooming, I have not had better subjects to work on. They are so sweet and respectful it’s amazing.

Mr Lewis

I felt sad because Mr. Lewis’s owners tell me that this is his last groom. He is 17 years old and not enjoying life very much: he is so grouchy that his groomers in Edmonton decline to groom him now. I think part of the trouble is that they don’t want to subject him to the stress, but also, he does gnaw rabidly on anyone who tries to clip or scissor or comb his coat or trim his nails. He is surprisingly strong! His “mom” and I together managed a hack job in order to make Mr. Lewis more comfortable and cool for, we hope, the rest of the summer.

I happily accepted new customers today. Two dogs arrived from Prince George and will stay with us while owners attend a wedding in Jasper, Alberta.

Above are Maggie and Jack. The friendly little dapple dog is a dachshund and cocker spaniel cross. The wary looking guy on the right is Jack, a jack russell terrier and shih tzu cross, who is a little more aloof.

Below is “Coop”, a bernardoodle. He is a mix of “aussiedoodle” and St. Bernard. He’s a big armload of affection, though he was anxious when he was first dropped off. Coop was brought out from Valemount: he wasn’t settling in to campground life well enough, so he’s in doggy camp.

Funny, I was just saying to a local customer that we manage to make friends from “all over”; it seems if we can convince people to visit us, they become repeat customers. That’s always the hope, of course.

Here are some scenes from earlier this week, plus some other boarders at present.


Loki, a Karelian Bear Dog

Above is Betty, a kind and gentle farm dog who gets sheared short once per year. Betty was not bothered by Smokey’s presence.

Hunter Poirrier



The above three photos are of Shnubs. He is a Malamute X Turkish Kangal dog. Now, I didn’t know what a kangal dog is until I had time to consult with Professor Google online, but I read that they are known for their sensible, calm nature. Malamutes are also quite often that way. So Shnubs is 160 pounds of decent, quiet, friendliness, and though it was a huge job, I got a ton of undercoat out. He seemed to enjoy the “spa” treatment, including the shampoo and massage.

Zippy & Smokey

Zippy with Smokey … they are long-time pals

Cinder 4 months

Cinder at 4 months


Sam at 10 months


Tony, a guest




Duke, a venerable old gentleman


Chester, another venerable older gentleman


Clyde, a gentle big growing mastiff X puppy


Jaunty little “Gus”

I think sweet Taffi, this lovely chocolate lab X, is saying … I SEE that you have some more cookies there. She gets a fair share of the treats, of course.


Festus waits patiently for HIS treats. He looks sad in photos, but he is actually a composed and affable young shepherd.

I know that I have missed sharing SOME of the photos and news of guests at times. As you can sense, it gets super busy on some days as I tend to the real needs of all of these souls, as opposed to seizing photo “ops”. Hardly can I imagine the constant commotion of busier kennels; one would need staff and a different facility. I feel so very lucky every day to have all the work that I can handle, but not chaos or too much noise. People ask how I can “handle” it, but usually the atmosphere is quiet and calm.

As the business goes, now that I approach my 33rd anniversary of Robson Valley Pet Hostel, there is just enough responsibility, work and joy … a perfect blend. I complain about fatigue and joint pain and back ache, but I can keep going for awhile yet!

But for now, I’m ready to lie on the couch with my iPad and word games. See you at the Parade tomorrow, or back here another day.




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