Life and Pets

So what’s wrong with me?

Answer: not a thing.

Happy life, nothing wrong anywhere … I just haven’t felt like writing. Hope you are all as well as I am at this moment. If not, I hope things get better, and soon.

Every day is different, and yet it’s a stable lifestyle. Not a thing is terribly stressful and nothing tragic has happened, at least not since February.

Spring has finally come, and now we can complain about the heat. It has been hot for this region, and a few mosquitoes have found us too. Gary and I are gardening every day. It astounds me how the perennial beds can go from snowbanks to serious weed patches virtually overnight!

I wonder if, in order to share and “blog”, I should start from today and work backward. I don’t even have my appointment book beside me, which is my method of remembering what work I’ve done, at least in my business.


Levi wags happily when Sam sneaks up to keep him company!

Levi … always pleasant, biddable, and happy.


Charma comforted by Smokey

Above is Charma (biggest dog), who had a bath and shave-down while boarding this week, and her little sidekicks (owner’s friend’s dogs), left to right in the picture of the three: Sammy, Sadie, and Meeko. Charma looks so sad when she was on the grooming table, at least at first, but she acted like a puppy when her spa afternoon was over.


Taffi had a spa day also. She’s camera shy, but joyful.

Max, above, was also slightly unnerved by his bath, so we shared a hug for quite awhile. He was not scared of the clippers, nail trim or the blow dryer.

Snickers, before and during. Forgot to get a current “after” shot… maybe I can find one from another groom.


Luna (nicknamed Lunatic), and Jersey. These sturdy pugs come for toenail trimming frequently, and their behaviour/anxiety levels get better and better.




Joe & Miko McFarland

Joe and Miko

Briley appreciates my efforts to provide more shade (I planted a big limb of corkscrew willow there). There is actually plenty of other shade.


Sancho came for his yearly shear-down. He is a big heavy Giant Schnauzer, and seemed to be most comfortable half in and half out of the grooming tub, after his bath. I was fine with that.





I took a couple of hours to nip downtown this afternoon to buy potting soil, more nursery plants, and have coffee.

While I was at The Farm Store, I came upon an interesting sight … “Simon” the shop cat, had made himself part of the decor/display case dressing!


Are you tired of pet pictures yet? Here comes a collage of Cinder pictures … I think they are self-explanatory.

I got the vegetable garden planted on our May long weekend. This is the relatively small portion of our plot that we have reserved for the usual selection of greens, peas, carrots, potatoes and the like. The rest of the area is planted to garlic, and that’s how we like it.

The Dolgo Crabapple tree is blooming, and so is the brilliant Thunderchild Crab (a pollinator and ornamental). The other apple trees, plums, and cherries are also looking productive.

We enjoy our yard/acreage so very much, but gosh, it’s a lot of work. Seems like every year is more daunting. Even after giving up my perennial and nursery business, there seems to be too much to do. Gary does all the mowing and trimming and a whole bunch more in every department.


Above is one of my greenhouse “projects”. I bought a dozen tomato plants from various sources. With the biggest plant, I made an “upside down tomato”. Have done this in the past, but it didn’t work out, and I think I didn’t water enough. Part of the advantage, I suppose, is that it takes up no surface area horizontally as it hangs from the greenhouse rafters.

So, this post is a rather random assortment of images. Just wanted to touch base with you to say that I’m still out there (here). Maybe I’ll do better in the next two weeks, but there’s no guarantees.

HUGS to you.

One thought on “So what’s wrong with me?

  1. I just finished reading the last six of your blogs, loving every word in each of them, and especially loving the photos of your sweet clients. There’s are no reminders to read them so I have to remind myself . . . that’s a tough one. I do like that you share your life with your readers, especially those of us who don’t live in Canada. I hope someday I will visit you and your wonderful Pet Hostel, meet Gary, and revel in the beauty of your corner of the planet. Sending hugs your way . . .

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