Life and Pets

Happy, happy Friday …

Indeed it’s a most agreeable day. Although it looks like a storm is gathering, the weather has been lovely: sunny skies with slight chance of mosquitoes.

I don’t want to belabour a point, but this IS my own blog. I’m happy, but acutely aware that this is the first Springtime in many years that we haven’t  had both Lady and McKenna to greet the day. I could sit on this deck with my coffee and throw a ball for our dog quite a distance. And then when I was tired of the game, Lady would join me on the deck, quietly resting at my feet until it was time to play again. She would do whatever was in her capacity to please us, and that worked both ways.

Now I have Cinder at my feet, and he is not required to “measure up” to our dear departed dogs, but he does help to fill the hole in my heart. I was telling Dr. Vogel about the commands that the pup already knows, and the vet helpfully suggested I not “push him too hard”. I won’t push the tiny fellow, but even at 4 months, I like to occupy his little mind. Cinder is already comical and mischievous, but we would like him to become respectful and obedient, no matter how cute he is, or well loved, or even how smart.

It’s starting to rain, so now we’re in the house listening to Bob Dylan’s new album. Soon I will shave a friend’s matted cat, and that’s all the grooming work I have scheduled for today. There are not many boarders this Victoria Day weekend, which is not as great for the pocketbook, but fine for “resting” a little bit.

Best of buddies now:

So I just wandered back out to the greenhouse and realized that Shelly’s HoneyCrisp apple tree HAS survived my shoddy care this winter! Makes a lovely day even better. Now Shelly and Andrien can plant this treasure on their new acreage.

I’ll get on with my day now, and let you go too. Maybe I will get back with pictures from my week, or perhaps not.

Love you for reading my blog (well almost all of you! Not sure if the reader who busted me to Rose realizes that there is a way to trace readers even if she can’t say who phoned her.)

Take care of yourselves, everyone. 💕

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