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Cinder …

This is my new doggy sidekick. He was the last of two litters of Pomeranians born in our town (at the same home). I had made a good job of convincing myself that I didn’t want or need one, first because I was nursing McKenna through her last weeks of life, and then because we also lost our younger senior dog, in February.

I didn’t think about the tiny dogs very much, but when I became aware that there was just one puppy left … “reserved” by someone and then not picked up, it seemed like a SIGN. The breeder wanted me to have this cutie, and Gary was not opposed, so voila!

Cinder fits in very well. We are working on the housetraining and other training. I took the wee guy for a car ride this afternoon, and he just sat on the passenger seat, not making a sound or trying to run about inside the vehicle, but not scared either. He is much smaller than either of the cats, but he has been making friends with them.

Easily for me, he is a treasured lap dog, but I also want him to grow to be respectful and obedient. Wish me luck!

Love, Ann

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