Life and Pets

Happy Friday …

Not sure why I rejoice over Fridays or weekends. Other than Sunday brunch with friends, each day is about the same. Different, but not less fun or more so because of which day of the week it happens to be. I have plenty of work when there are several pets boarding, and tomorrow I have some dogs to groom.

I mustn’t forget to tune in to the Kentucky Derby tomorrow!

Today, I groomed Benji and Bandit, then went back to the house for lunch.


“It’s okay, I’ll keep you company until your ride comes.”



Here I sit, watching TV, playing an iPad game, and chatting to you, my friends. I had thought of going into town, but I have missed the “Shops on Main”  market event, and an on-going garage sale. Don’t have the get-up-and-go, and I don’t need anything urgently.

On the menu tonight is goulash, one of those stand-by easy meals that I don’t actually remember making before. I’m sure I have made it, calling it something else no doubt. It’s like “Hamburger Helper”, with about 5 extra minutes of work.

Among the boarding pets…




The very regal Stella:




And Kelef as a very young boy:


Squeaker, Kelef’s sidekick:

Luna and her “big sister” Storm:

Above, Ramone.

Molly & Angel:




A couple of potential boarders have had to cancel, as there are both avalanches and rock slides in the region, blocking two major routes.

Some flower pictures to brighten your day.

That’s all for now!

Love, Ann

P.S. Some of you know that I’ve been “dieting” in the last few weeks. The ketogenic diets (eg. Atkins) are extremely LOW CARB, and even a little “cheating” does sabotage one’s results.

It seems to me that I’ve cheated so little that I should have enjoyed better results. I haven’t lost a pound in two weeks, so I’m deluding myself about not cheating, I guess. This morning, when I wondered if I had any baking on hand for my darling husband, I remembered that I had two homemade apple turnovers in the freezer.

All I could think was, “Fuck it. I’m gonna eat PIE!”.


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