Life and Pets

Fencing ‘n’ such …

For a couple of hours today, I threaded some “privacy slats” in the new chain link fence around the vacation home in town. I had to really push myself eventually, but the work itself was sort of … meditational. I didn’t mind it and will keep attempting to get back to the task. Random other folks have randomly shown up to help as well.

New House fence

I can’t imagine how many weeks or months it would have taken me, or Gary and me, to put up this perimeter fence. Contractor Ray and his sidekick Caylen did the stellar job almost to completion in just a few days. There are two  2′ gaps awaiting “fixing”, because of a design/planning error on my part. That was one of several rookie mistakes made by me.

Not visible in the picture are a few pounds of grass seed; we’ll see what the summer brings. I have plans for a few low-maintenance plants to beautify the space. Needs to be very easy to care for, this yard.

Yesterday was busier at the Pet Hostel. “Skye” came for a spring trim and bath. She’s very stoic and shy. She didn’t kiss my face, but rested her pretty head on my shoulder.

Skye & Smokey

Dear ol’ Beau came for a visit late last week. I worry about him as he ages and struggles with health issues. His owner keeps him very short in order to help him maintain a lower body temperature, otherwise he seems too hot, uncomfortable, and anxious.

Buddy & Sam

Buddy & Sam

Buddy Campbell






Puppies Sprocket and Lollie have been here several times. They are so darned cute, but I have not been able to get good photos because they are also very busy.

Daffodils, tulips and violas are out in the yard by the dozens. Top left is a pic of a container garden that spent the winter under the deck: bonus! The lilies are already up by the time I pull out the flower pots and set them on the deck. I love having perennials in the containers.

Each day I have the companionship of these two scalliwags.  Often, I remember that many things are the “first” for Sam the kitten … snow, puddles, dry leaves, and now, lawn. You’ll recall that he was a tiny kitten before winter set in last year. Sam is already a voracious hunter: mostly I find voles, mice and shrews in the yard, or parts of those. I wish they would leave the birds alone.

I phoned my late Uncle Ken’s daughter this afternoon, Margie. She is doing okay, and said that she really didn’t expect that I could attend her dad’s service this weekend. I was glad that I had called and am sorry that we live so far apart.

Hope you are all well.

Love, Ann

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