Life and Pets

Another of the old guard gone …

Today my youngest uncle on Mom’s side died peacefully in his sleep. Although Uncle Ken had experienced a few serious health challenges in recent years, he seemed to be doing very well lately. His family wasn’t ready to “lose” him, but I guess his way was the best way to go.

Now there are just two brothers and a sister living, of the eight who lived to adulthood, and they are 88, 99, and 100 years of age. I do hope that I have that gift of longevity, as long as I can keep what mental faculties I have to date. I have never been as smart as my uncles …

All is well at this place. I am starting to dwell less on the misunderstandings and hurts of the last week and will keep trying to do the best I can. I dislike conflict and am not comfortable with someone saying that I can’t be trusted, but I guess I can’t please just everyone. I am also not happy being manipulated … so there!

I will go back to being more careful in my own Blog. Thanks to the sleuths and spies and trolls who dislike me, I will make this an even blander work of writing. Almost without fail, I ask pet owners if their furry family members can appear in my blog, without last names. I try not to shame anyone, nor betray a confidence or give information about when people are away.

No, I’m not perfect, but this blog is for my friends and my confidants. If you want to “bust” me for venting here, that’s on you, and shame on you for hurting others and embarrassing me.

I tried to make this Blog “Password Protected”, but the system didn’t work for first trusted reader to try to sign in, so I changed it back to Public.


This morning I was up at the usual time, forgetting what I’d done with my GST payment late last night. I remembered wanting to pay the bill through my online banking or the mechanism through the CRA website. I awoke thinking, “I have the figures, why not file the actual GST return as well as make the payment?”

In the end, the CRA feature that supposedly allows you to pay with Interac didn’t work … said my payment exceeded the amount permitted for one transaction. I tried to add the CRA/GST as a “Payee” to my online banking, but was not confident the money would make it to the GST desk and not the general Income Tax department (I’m told that they are different).

So I go back to the CRA website, and they asked a security question. Last night they asked the name of my oldest cousin. Got that. Today they asked the name of my oldest nephew. I only have one! After five attempts during which I capitalized, tried NO capital, and tried his nickname, I was locked out! The CRA site provided a “Contact Us” mechanism for problems logging in, and there I got a message that the service was not available except daytime from Monday to Friday. So I’ll be late. Serves me right. I hadn’t paid the GST and I haven’t filed. The rest of my income tax return, owing or not owing, isn’t due until June 15. I think I’m getting an ulcer.

It’s Sunday morning, YAY! Seems like a day off, even though I have dogs checking out and checking in … but I do have time to go to breakfast with our friends and perhaps Shelly and Adrien.

I keep trying to budget time to work on the fence at the little house in town; all that’s needed from me is to “thread” the privacy strips through the new chain link. The lovely neighbour down town says that she will work on the strips when she feels inclined, but I also thought I could pay the high school grad kids, donate to their year-end trip.

Anyway, I need to get out to the kennels to feed, water and reassure the few guests we have.

Talk to you later!

Love, Ann




This dog was found by young friends near a creek about 15 miles from here. I told them to hang on to the sweet fellow and went out to pick him up … he was in danger of being hit on the highway.

As I drove home, I tried to imagine which farm he might have come from: he was not familiar to me at all. Upon returning home, and on a hunch, I made a phone call, discovered where the dog belonged, and returned him to his family. I didn’t want payment, but they insisted I take some chocolate cake for my trouble. Score!


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