Life and Pets

Very fine day …

Today the sun shone most of the day, and it was warm.

I talked to a senior friend tonight … she is twenty years my senior so I can say that. She said that she is not happy to see the end of winter because this is when all the hard work starts.

To this I replied that Gary and I are starting to try to find ways in which we can work less. I don’t mind if that seemed to my friend that we are lazier than she or her hard working farming husband: the cryptic message is that we all make our own choices.

Today was not the day to work less at the Pet Hostel, but it wasn’t too grueling. I had two big dogs and two small, but one big dog took less than twenty minutes as she was a short-haired mastiff cross just getting an “exit bath” and nail trim.

First I had the sweet golden retriever cross “rez dog” named Jackson. His thick coat was impossible to thin or deshed. I had permission to clip him “an inch or so” all over, but even that was too difficult: I sheared him short with a #7 blade, which is not my shortest. He seemed to enjoy the all over massage, and the shampoo, but not the blow dryer. I let him air dry in a warm kennel.

Jackson was adopted from the SPCA in Hinton, Alberta, one of many dogs captured at a First Nations Reserve. He never knew love or even enough to eat for the first part of his life, and it is astonishing how well adjusted, obedient, and affectionate he is. Mind you, now he is in the best of homes, with firm handling and affectionate attention.

Later, I treated Sasha to a bath and pedicure. She was easy to handle, too.


A small challenge arrived in the form of “Oakley”, a Yorkshire Terrier who had not had very much grooming in his life. He was a real trooper, although like Jackson, was afraid of the blow drier. I hacked off the matts, tried to take a happy medium all over, trimmed nails and bathed him. Oakley put up less fight than I’d feared … he was wiggly but not “bitey”.

I enjoy the company of Smokey and Sam as I work, probably more than the dogs appreciate them.

Gamble came for a regular trim and bath. He stands like a statue for everything. I love Gamble.


Festus had a nail trim while he boarded. He didn’t mind me sitting on a blanket beside him in the largest dog run. Helps that I fed him treats.


We might have to start looking at dogs on the SPCA websites … I can feel it coming. I still shed a tear when I think of Lady and subconsciously “look for her” everywhere. I miss darling McKenna too. Over and over, I’ve said that we’d wait until we knew of a dog who needed us, and that I’d let Gary decide.

Goodnight to all my friends who read this blog.

Love, Ann

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