Life and Pets

Beautiful day… 

Mostly, I’ve quit stewing so much. I had some wonderful work here today.

I forgot to take pictures. The border collie that I gave “the whole nine yards” to was as pleasant as can be. He was not nearly the “mess” that his delightful owners thought he was. True, I did remove some “rose bushes” (just thorny twigs) from his fluffy butt, and snipped through a couple of matts. But Buddy was hardly such a mess. He gave me no guff over anything, and I got gentle kisses when my face was near his.

Buddy’s sidekick from the same family is Belle, who is a Weimaraner and Pointer cross. She is a large, sturdy dog, heavier than a comfortable lift for me. To my pleasant surprise, Belle hopped up onto my electric table, once I sat on it at its lowest point and patted the table top. When I asked her to, she stepped into the tub for her bath, and then back out for drying. She made no fuss over nails. 

I had to fetch (poach) photos from Google images to give you the idea. 

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