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Don’t worry, be happy …

Yesterday I groomed this beautiful collie, Pluto. He is so quiet and respectful. Some of my combing, brushing and trimming would not have been that comfortable for Pluto, though I try to be very gentle. It took a long time to suds and condition his coat thoroughly, by which time my small tank was out of hot water, but the dog stood patiently. He is unfazed by both blow dryers (the high velocity dryer can unnerve some doggy guests),  the rest of the spa treatment, and even the visits by the cats.


That relatively challenging job took several hours and I wish I could say that it took my mind off my “troubles”. It didn’t, even though the work was satisfying.

Today is a gorgeous day. Though there was frost last night, the temperature is rising quickly. The sun is shining, and I hope my mind will feel more rested soon. I will have a couple of smaller doggy projects today, and I hope I can get back to garden/lawn cleanup too.

I hope that my friends who read this blog have a great day.

Love, Ann


I’m getting behind with my posts and pictures!


Sasha, big and gentle


Storm, an Alaskan Husky


Luna, a baby husky


Abby, who benefits from a yearly shearing.

One thought on “Don’t worry, be happy …

  1. Thank you so much Ann, we just saw the pics of our dogs (Storm and Luna) sleeping in each others beds, it made us smile and laugh as usual. It is not often that people look forward to coming home from long drawn out, adventurous holidays, but when life is good the trip home is something to be excited about. We certainly are. ❤️ Eric & Angela

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