Life and Pets

And pushed some more …

So, somebody hurt my renter by telling her my complaint in my blog about the conflict over paint. 

Truth is, my conscience had been bothering me, and I went over after breakfast and gave Rose the $100 that she had spent on brushes, rollers, and paint. It seemed like the right thing, and the kinder thing. 

It was after I visited bearing cash that someone spoke to Rose, telling her that I had talked about her “on the computer”.

As far as what I put in my blog, I have always felt that if I stick to the truth, I will be safe. Evidently, I am mistaken, as there are folks who will make trouble. I don’t know who my friends are. So now I’m out the $100, and what I reduced the rent by every month, and I’m still persona non grata.  

Thanks a lot. 

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