Life and Pets

Happy Thursday …

Sorry I didn’t get back to you when I said I would!

I’m sitting in Gary’s recliner, tired, but happier than when I finished work yesterday.

Yesterday’s task really kicked my ass. This is Sadie, an adult Newfoundland dog. I don’t want to complain in my Blog too much, but I was worried about grooming this very large girl, and was awake at 5 am, just fretting.

When I confessed this to the dog’s owner, he laughed good naturedly and remarked that Sadie “isn’t too bad”. Ha!

Six hours straight of trimming, combing, brushing, dematting and the bath using a huge quantity of shampoo, we had a dog free of matts (I simply shaved off the matts that held feces and old urine!) and thick undercoat. I never want to rest until I can run a long-tooth comb through any part of a dog’s coat. It was very difficult to even get Sadie onto my dandy lift table at its lowest point, so I was weary right off the bat.

Newfoundland dogs should be brushed out thoroughly every few weeks, not once or twice per year.  Bathing would be less important if the dog has its shedding undercoat removed from time to time. Lucky for me, Sadie was as patient as the day was long.

Today I groomed three small dogs in four hours.

Sprocket was feisty, trying to refuse most of my procedures such as bath, blow dryer, nail clipping, scissoring or even touching of paws. Anal glands? Don’t touch me THERE! Surprisingly, Sprocket hardly minded when I held him like a baby and Dremmeled his nails. Put that tool down and pick up scissors, and the fight was on! Although I was sweating at the end, I believe I did a decent job despite the resistance.

Sprocket particularly loves Smokey.

This little girl, Angel, is as sweet as can be. If she was up for adoption, I would want to take her. I have groomed her through THREE owners already, all in the same family, but it is never her fault that her home address keeps changing. Her owners call her an “Imperial Shih Tzu”, which is a designer name for a petite example of her breed.


I think Smokey thinks she has found a relative. Not quite the same colour, but we all know there are 50 shades of gray …

This is Cotton, a Maltese mix. She doesn’t like the clippers around her head but doesn’t mind scissors. Owner requested a short, practical style.


Evidently Cotton and the cats don’t think I need to play my computer game or drink coffee. And this is why my cats get combed almost every day: they are always right THERE!


I’ll post this little offering and try to “fix” (crop and make smaller) some of the pictures that I had promised to add in my last blog entry.



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