Life and Pets

A few more photos …

These are regulars who come for boarding and nail trimming: Jasper the shepherd, has always been good about pedicures, and with young Timber, it has been a process. Now Timber almost naps through a nail trim.

Jasper: I know you have more treatsTimber snoozing through nail clipping

Little Buster was here over Easter, and during the weekend his owner had her baby. We were happy to keep the dog just a few more days while the folks got back from their memorable holiday!

April 18

Squeaker, as the snow fell.


Monday, we woke up to this. The day before, I enjoyed sitting in the sun.

Below are Abby and Roxie. Both are chocolate labs, but the older, wider dog is considered a “mahogany” chocolate lab.

Above are buddies from the same family, little Corona and the affable Duke.


Beautiful and tall Ginger

This is pretty Sandy. She is so joyful and gentle, and is also waiting for the cookie.


Dear ol’ Bear





Cat on my lap, that day the sun shone.


Maggie Howe

Maggie. She’s not sad, but nervous about the camera.



Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. This happened at the “new house in town”, which is no longer a new house. I think this is a rather elegant looking fence, and contractors Ray and Caylin put it up in about three days. Because of a design/ordering change (my fault), we are waiting for a chunk of chain link about 5′ wide to complete the project.

The neighbour, who is a treasured friend, will be so happy that our yard is not a “deer run” that channels the errant ungulates right into her gardens.

~ Ann

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