Life and Pets

Happy Easter Weekend!

Even WordPress reminds me that it has been 10 days since you’ve heard from me. I don’t have a good excuse, just haven’t felt like blogging.

I returned from my road trip feeling quite rejuvenated. I didn’t worry about anything here while I was away.

In Calgary, I stayed with Kim and had such a good visit.  She had left her evenings free to spend with me (something I did not always do for MY parents). Kim worked during the day, and though I had intended to cross town to visit her at the Mount Royal University, I didn’t get around to it.

I reconnected with my “distant” cousin Wesley, at Balzac, as I mentioned at the time.  For some reason, the rest of that day in the bustling city, I felt lost and lonely, like something twisting in the wind. I was just out of my element, I guess, even though I grew up in Calgary. I waited for Kim’s return as I would a spouse.

That evening, Kim and I met cousin Lesley snd her husband Frank for dinner at Nando’s, a Portuguese restaurant.  The company and the food were stellar. I was worried that I would not recognize Lesley, as she has lost a great deal of weight (intentionally), but I quickly got used to her new size, and of course, she is the same great person she always has been. Frank is the same as always, full of wisdom and good humour and affection.

The next day, I visited at Helen’s house, three doors from my childhood home. Helen is the 88 year old friend of my late mom, so is someone I can always talk and laugh with, as we share memories and sing Mom’s praises. Also visiting HER mother Helen was my “oldest” friend … we met when she was three years old and I was four, outside the same houses in Calgary.

Deb had painted a picture just for me, and brought it with her from Ontario. It travelled well on the plane and throughout my road trip. Although I was tempted to show it off to others, I wanted to keep it protected more. Now it is hanging by my bedside.


I spent most of the day with Deb while her mom went to an appointment. There is a leash-optional dog park right in our old stomping grounds, so we walked with her lovely dog Layla, with whom Deb travelled. We chattered like schoolgirls, who we once were such a short time ago. It was a very fulfilling day.

Vietnamese dinner and an early night for Kim and I, and then I took off early in the morning from Calgary for Nelson, B.C.!

When I realized that my route took me via Pincher Creek, I called a college classmate who I think a great deal of. I know it’s not the most polite thing to just assume that someone can squeeze in a coffee break when you tear through their town, but it worked out for us!

My visit in Nelson was also wonderful. I wish we all lived closer; again it was suggested that Gary and I relocate to that charming town or vicinity. I can’t foresee that day coming, but the subject is not off the table.

So some of the days that I’ve been home have been busy and some restful because I wanted them to be. There is yardwork to be done, and of course this is a hectic boarding weekend.

I have to run along now and will get back to add pictures and proofread this post! Have a good day, everyone!

Love, Ann

Gary’s breakfast this morning. I often make eggs benedict on Saturday mornings. I ate mine without toast, as I have cheated on my diet enough in three weeks that I have not lost another pound.


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