Life and Pets

A little junket …

I planned a wee excursion and now I’m on it. 

After a glorious drive through “the park”, down the Banff-Jasper Parkway, I arrived in time to have a quiet, pleasant evening meal with Kim. We’ve already enjoyed a good visit, and she had to work today. 

I wondered who I should call while in Calgary. I almost didn’t believe I could get here, but thanks to Gary, I managed this “break”. 

It was early when I left the house today, and within about an hour, I had already visited two stores and purchased the three items I had on my mental shopping list. It is very odd to feel lost, alone, and anonymous in a city of any size. Calgary is now populated by more than a million people, but I remember feeling this way at times when I lived here as a teen. 

There must be many lost, lonely folks around. I went down a short list of people who might possibly want to see me. Nobody really knew when  I was going to get to Calgary, of the very few who even knew I was plotting this short-ish road trip. 

Of the contacts I tried, only my cousin Wesley in Balzac was home and able to receive company. I made the short trip to his family farm and accompanied him to check on and feed the donkeys. 

After a couple of hours and some coffee, trying to catch up on years of events and reflections, it was time to race back into Calgary to meet the plumber at Kim’s home that she rents from Shelly. 

I might just nap this afternoon. There’s not a thing I want to shop for,  nor have the desire to drive around looking for.  I feel like I’m wasting time … who knew I’d feel so directionless here, now that Myrtle isn’t here to blow cigarette smoke in my face? 

Hope you are all well. Kim and I might be able to get together with Lesley and Frank tonight, and that’s something neat to look forward to. 

My lifelong friend Debra is coming in from Ontario this afternoon, though she has people to meet her, and we will have a visit tomorrow morning. Deb is bringing a painting she created just for me … I am so excited to see it in-the-flesh. 

Now we’re about up to date again, as far as the blog goes. Hope you are all very well. 

Love, Ann

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