Life and Pets

Happy Sunday …

I’m writing this on Saturday night, yes, but I wish you a nice day tomorrow.

A few days ago, I thought I’d best not plan for Sunday brunch. Also, I wondered if I should  cancel my ophthalmologist appointment in Prince George early next week.

It seems that I’m making a steady recovery and can’t believe how well I have felt today. Tonight features tolerable headache, sore ribs from coughing, and general fatigue. But, hey, I’m getting off lucky. I’ve even lost another pound or two.

Gally and Patch went home tonight. When I sat inside their kennel to clip their nails, both dogs seemed to want in my lap at once. You can see the point when Patch, the chocolate lab, spots the guinea pig … a frequent source of entertainment at the Pet Hostel. Lucky for me, Taffy the piggie seems to have no perception of danger. For my sake, to keep these dogs from being too vocal, I hung a privacy curtain over Taffy’s cage.

I was moved to do a little bit of grooming today. I tidied Scruffy’s haircut and gave him another bath. As this pleasant boy gets older, he seems to fret more: he still eats and doesn’t seem unhappy, but he acts agitated most of the time. I wondered if he has canine dysphoria syndrome, and I believe there’s treatment for that.


Speaking of agitation, I took some time and patience to do some grooming on Gizmo. I wish I could say that I’d been asked to do so, but it’s unauthorized. Upon drop-off, Gizmo’s owner remarked how scruffy the dog was. I should have specifically asked. Gizmo is a bit of a wild child … hates the clippers, can hardly tolerate his feet being handled, can’t stand the look or feel or sound of scissors. My intention was just to bath him and brush him thoroughly, but I started combing out the tangly, thick spots, and ended up scissoring most of his coat into a tidy groom. MOST. I will have to revisit Gizmo grooming another day to see if I can patiently scissor the bottom half of each leg, and I’m hoping that the owner will be kind to me for working on the wee rascal.

This beautiful blue heeler dog came just for Friday night and was picked up today. Casey is well trained and cared for, but her owners have not had to board her very much (only once before).

As I was doing laundry in the kennel building, Casey was watching me with a level gaze …not staring as if to challenge me, just with a “curious” look. I walked to the gate of her indoor run and reached through to the dog’s face with both hands, gently patting her cheeks and telling her that she was a pretty girl. Then *WHAM* she bit me, connecting with my right hand. Of course I jumped and whipped my hands back through the welded wire mesh, leaving them both reddened. And don’t ask me how, I also banged my forehead on the gate: the bruise is hidden in my hairline. I already had a headache, damn it.

I yelped in alarm, and Casey went over to lie on her bed. Except for a quick pet on her back when I put her food down this morning, I’ve not forced extra attention on the dog. Some dogs are just not going to like me as much as I like them.


The population has cleared right out from the busy week. We have Duke & Lady, Zeus, Shepherd, Gizmo, Taffi and Gus.


I’m done in! Thanks for the visit.

Love, Ann

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