Life and Pets

Feet up, for a moment …

It’s busy here, but I always have time to make meals, eat, and rest a bit. I’m watching a veterinary series on the TV, and sometimes I watch American politics, true crime or hoarding or 600 pound life reality series. Occasionally I will find a movie or documentary.

I feel as if I’m coming down with a cold. This morning I took a shot of echinacea tincture in 1/2 ounce of Fireball whiskey … that seemed like valid medication at the time. Gary recommends Oil of Wild Oregano, so I ingested a squirt of that with an antidote of Benalyn decongestant. I need to get past this fatigue and nausea, and carry on.

Fergus is a sometime customer who I haven’t seen for several years. He has boarded with us before, but there are other arrangements that Fergus’ family finds more convenient, as they live 150 miles from here. On this occasion, the Pet Hostel was the solution for some unusual circumstances at home, and we welcomed the dog back. Isn’t Fergus handsome?

Fergus Winkel


Zippy, the miniature pinscher, is here just for a day. He is a little sweetie pie, so calm and loving. He usual gets a nail trim when he visits, and he doesn’t appreciate the procedure, but has never tried to bite.



Gus arrived for a longish stay. He is a loving, affable shih tzu, but when he vocalizes, he sounds like a cat with its tail in the door. Lucky for me, he’s not TOO vocal.

We have Scruffy, a poodle, and Maple, a beautiful young calico, from the same family. They COULD be housed together, but I do not want the cat to have access to outdoors, and Scruffy is kind of a “dirty” dog if he doesn’t have access to outdoors all the time.  So they have generous enclosures within sight of each other.

Then there’s Gizmo. He is the sweetest little comical dog, until you try to groom him. He detests clippers, scissors, toenail clippers. He tolerates a bath and brushing, but I dare not show him the Dremel tool! (for nails). Gizmo’s owner did not ask me to try to groom him while he stays. The dog loves popcorn, but this is not enough bribery for grooming procedures.


I have pictures of several dogs named Gizmo, but not the one I was just telling you about. Will try to take one soon.

In the outdoor kennels, we have Duke and Lady, from the same family, also Gally and Patch, Buster, Zeus and Tilly.

When Duke and Lady were dropped off this morning, I had a lovely visit with the human clients. They couldn’t help but observe how busy things are, and the man remarked how “the finances” were good from this.

The comment was not inappropriate at all, but I mused how I rarely think about the money. I acknowledge that the business helps pay the bills, but really, the job is my calling and my joy. There was time that I had to limp from one $20 bill to the next. I’m grateful. Now, if I won 10 million dollars, I would still offer the same services. I think I would… I’d like to find out.

In my last blog post, I alluded to the fact that I had not always made the best decisions for pets in my past life. I try not to be too hard on myself, because regret can be sad and debilitating.

My own comment preyed on my mind as I tried to sleep. For some reason, I remembered coming out to the kennel building at the farm one morning, greeting a whole litter of Catahoula pups that I had purchased for resale, and finding that in the nighttime, they had mauled my beautiful shop cat to death. I don’t know how Pookie, a long haired dilute calico, got in with the pups. I felt awful.

First thing this morning, 27 years later, I let the boarding Catahoulas outside. I went about other business and in a little while, turned to let those dogs back in. Sam the Siamese was resting on the dogs’ blankets, blending in quite well!  What if I had let the hounds in??

I considered this a potentially close call, not wanting to find out that these dogs would kill my cat. Perhaps they wouldn’t.

Then another few minutes later, I noticed the big fat fluffy Sam walking around on the tops of the Catahoulas’ kennel and the adjacent one! I worry that my youngest cat might use up his “nine lives” at an early age. I tried to talk Sam into coming down, but he just playfully batted at my hands, and moved off like a skilled acrobat on a tightrope.

Sam atop the kennels

I guess I have chattered on long enough. It’s time to start the rounds of feeding, checking water, giving treats and “sucking up” (reassuring/hugging). I do appreciate that you read my blog.

Love, Ann

I missed sharing a few from the last few days (busy weekend!).

Majestic “Epona” (Gallic Goddess who watches over horses), and her tiny sidekick, Maggie:

That’s darling little Panda. I fixed his overgrown nails, and he didn’t react at all. Some of the nail beds were raw because of the stress put on them from being too long and catching on things.

I love most dogs. I particularly love these two: I swear they helped heal my heart after we had to say goodbye to our family dogs last month. They’ve been here a couple of times since that awful time.

Jazzim & Dexter

Jazzmin and Dexter


Jasper, above, is photogenic and always willing to pose handsomely. Timber, his “sister” from the same household, is rather camera shy, and in fact, would not even come inside at this moment. When I did get Timber to come in, I petted her and praised her, clipped her nails, and forgot to take a photo.

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