Life and Pets

Busy, real, and real busy …

There were just two smallish dogs to groom today, Niko the heavy pomeranian, and a new shih tzu client, Sugar. Both were challenging in different ways.

Niko’s owner wanted me to trim his dog’s whole coat shorter. It’s difficult to do a good job on that kind of coat, and I made Niko look a bit choppy. The dog himself is an angel to handle.

Sugar was brought to me by her owner’s brother. I referred to the young man as the dog’s uncle, and he kept iterating that the dog belonged to his sister, so my attempt at humour was lost. Rick showed me pictures of some previous grooms on Sugar, and I felt nervous … they were fancier “work” than I am usually asked to do. I tried.

This is a young dog and I forgot to ask her age. She was fidgety and willful and absolutely hated getting her nails trimmed. I don’t know if I could have done a better job of this “longer” trim if the dog had been calmer for grooming.

When Rick came to pick Sugar up, he seemed to struggle with getting the leash hooked to the collar. I suggested he just pick her up. Then he opened the door and she ran outside, walking right out of the loop he’d made with the leash. This happened again in the driveway, twice, until I exclaimed, “FOR HEAVEN’S sake, just pick her up!”. She had run through the mud by that time, and when he grabbed her, she rolled over. I rather resented my best work on this sparkly white dog getting dirty, but I just thanked Uncle Rick and went into the house.

We had Hunter to visit just for the day, and Tilly for a few days, as well as Buster, Zeus, Zippy, Seltzer & Maya, Scruffy & Maple, Gally & Patch, Gizmo, Casper & Cinder. Tomorrow Fergus, Taffi, Lady & Duke, and Gus will arrive. I have a mental image of where they will all “go”, but we have been at full house indoors much of the time in the last few weeks. The outdoor kennels are mostly in use as well, so we’re glad that it has been fairly mild.

This is Cinder and Casper. They are purebred Catahoula Leopard Hounds. I had a few on the farm at Dunster so many years ago (25 years ago). I loved the breed, and I didn’t manage my own pets as well as I should have, but they are beautiful dogs.

I’ve left my blogging to too late in the day again … I was busy playing a game, reading, dozing in front of the TV. It’s 1:17 am.

Love, Ann


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