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Battle of the Bulge …

That’s what my dad used to call weight control.

I woke up this morning feeling svelte. After all, I have spent almost two months on a low carb diet. Call it what you will: “healthy eating plan”, Atkin’s, whatever. I’ve stuck to a regime quite faithfully, and despite some folks claiming to never be hungry on it, I have felt hungry all the time, deprived of the snacks and meals I craved, and “tested”. Today I’m annoyed.

After not cheating even a little for days, and not weighing myself for 3 weeks, I’ve lost about one pound. (My total weight loss is slightly more.) What about the rapid weight loss we are supposed to experience with the ketogenic diet? It’s such an old saw … “it took a long time to put the weight on, so don’t expect to lose it in a short time … “. But a pound in weeks? That’s not enough reinforcement. It’s discouraging.

I haven’t mentioned to many people that I’m discouraged about my weight again. Friends have seen me struggle with the same thirty extra pounds for decades. My dear husband, when drawn into this conversation, gently reminds me that I don’t get any cardio, or that I haven’t addressed the exercise angle of weight control. He’s right.

When dozens of we plump people in McBride and Valemount signed up for this ketogenic program with Dr. Prince, in 2012, some folks lost eight pounds in the first week. I lost a pound!  That was humiliating, as we had to “report” to our group aloud, in turn. Eventually, I did lose 30 lb. and felt terrific and virtuous. I looked younger and had more energy. But I didn’t stick with the diet, which we were told not to call “a diet”, and gained it all back.

I’m not scrapping the low-carb program yet. I think if I wake up feeling svelte again, I will just go with that and not weigh myself. I’ll wait until my pants are falling off before I depend on the scales to tell me good news, and I will exercise, at lease walk more, as the weather improves. I don’t want to feel all disappointed and discouraged and homely.

Carry on! I’m still excited for Sunday brunch with our friends. I have many dogs and a couple of cats who need my care here, so I will quit whining in my blog and get going. Thanks for being my sounding board!

Love, Ann


* photo credit … google images


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