Life and Pets

Odie, Cinnabar, Willow, Niko, Roper …

So I’m sitting in the recliner, reclining, with my fresh Oso Negro coffee, glad to be visiting with you. We have finished our eggs benedict (a frequent Saturday breakfast) and I’ve taken care of most of the dogs. I’ll get back at it soon.


We are so fortunate to have a son-in-law who is a roaster/marketer for Oso Negro in Nelson B.C.. We get regular shipments of the precious stuff.

Boarding today, we have Gally & Patch, Buster Brown, Zeus, Ipoena & Maggie, Jasper & Timber, Seltzer & Maya, Jazzmin & Dexter, Maple and Scruffy.

I groomed four small dogs yesterday and I was beat. I almost overbooked myself when a customer phoned to ask if she could bring her two dogs, as she unexpectedly had a day off. I am honoured when people will drive an hour from Valemount to bring me the business, so I readily consented, forgetting that I already had a dog job scheduled for the same hours. But I pushed through and finished in decent time.

Odie was my first appointment of the day. He is a small, vocal terrier with a happy countenance and he always makes me smile.


Then Cinnabar arrived. He’s one of my regulars and always pleasant and compliant.


Just as I prepared to dash into the house to orchestrate lunch and enjoy a little break, I got a phone call again from the local RCMP detachment.  I was stunned to learn that they were still pursuing getting their “$120 deposit” back ; evidently they had given up getting it back from ME. The officer in charge of the case of the seized animals last fall (in which a boarding fee of more than $1200 was incurred) had convinced the SPCA to send the money. But get this! The cheque is being mailed to me, and I am to deliver the funds to the RCMP.

The whole situation is comical. No, it’s actually preposterous and ludicrous. I will deliver their Christmas party fund back to them when I am in receipt of it, but it’s annoying.

The $120 was not meant to be a refundable deposit; this was a token brought to me in the interest of conning me into accepting the pets in the first place. One officer said, “Oh, you’ll get paid. We’ll see that you get paid.” . This sounded much like the claim made to me when we accepted Junior, the pit bull we got stuck with previously (along with $800 owing)  at that time, a couple of years ago, I was reluctant to take Junior, and the officer said, “What is the problem? The owner will pay when he picks up the dog. Of course you’ll get paid.” . I could tell some other stories, but they are not quite as expensive tales.

I’m a slow learner, and it’s not even about the more than two thousand dollars we haven’t been paid for our services. I feel personally taken advantage of. To say, “Oh, you’ll get paid…” and then not see that through, and not give permission to disburse the abandoned animals, is insulting. We feel used. It’s more exasperating than comical, but I think the local detachment should feel sheepish, chasing after that “petty cash”. It doesn’t get much pettier. Where’s MY money??

So this occupied my mind for of the rest of the day. I’m not really stressed about it … I’m too busy shaking my head. I keep rehearsing little speeches for when I deliver that money to the RCMP: I think I should say my peace, or I could just mail them a personal cheque to help make my point.

Love these two little bunnies who arrived after lunch:

And the Roper came back to see me. I hadn’t groomed this guy for a year or so, because his owner wasn’t living in our town for awhile. He’s pretty good for the process, except he was snarky for his front paws and nails. Roper is confrontational with new people, cats and dogs. He’s a cockapoo, and his behaviour is quite standard for a cocker spaniel. I love him anyway.


My morning work is due to arrive. I’ve already brewed a second pot of Oso Negro, this time a decaffeinated batch. Don’t want to be too jittery for the day!

Love, Ann


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