Life and Pets

Busy week in my “charmed, charmed life” …

I’m glad that it’s Sunday. Am looking forward to breakfast in town with our friends.

This morning I was awakened by the dogs barking out in the kennel building, and it seemed like they yapped on and on for too long.  I don’t know if it was 20 minutes or just a few, but when the only outdoor boarder barked a couple of times, I decided to investigate.

There sat a customer in his car, with his dog in the back seat. He rolled down his window and I exclaimed, “What are you doing?”. He replied that he was just sitting and waiting.

Then I put my foot in my mouth, in a way, and said, “No, I mean, what are you doing here at quarter to six on a Sunday morning???”. My unusual Italian customer/friend answered that he had phoned yesterday and talked to my husband and that his wife had phoned earlier in the week and told my daughter the plan. I still didn’t let him get away with what seemed (at this hour) like bad behaviour, and said, “Well it’s still early, even though it’s quarter to seven with the daylight savings time!”. Poor guy replied, “I dunno what time it is, I don’t know what I’m doing. Do you want my coffee?”.

Gathering my wits, I said, “Well, bring Pepper in, we have room.” This customer previously told me that it physically hurts his heart to leave his buddy at the kennel, so I simply carried the little dog with his blankie and food, and wished the man a safe trip. When I came back to the house, I could see that there was a written message from yesterday that the owner had phoned. I was glad that I wasn’t too rude, but still, it was well before 7 am. that the man and dog had arrived. I didn’t confiscate his coffee.

Early this week, Gary had his hernia repair in Prince George. That went just as expected, though they kept him in recovery longer than I thought they would. I could have shopped more. While my poor husband was under the knife in day surgery, I really conquered Costco. I stuck to my shopping list for the big box store and still spent almost $400 in less than an hour. I had an inexpensive Costco lunch, fueled up the car, and got back to the hospital.

The next day was my birthday, and I hadn’t planned much except to watch over my patient. Then I had an impromptu lunch date with my good friend, and a doctor’s appointment to get my eye checked. (Doctor said that the floaters in my eye were simply a function of aging. Happy Birthday to ME!”). Then we had Chinese food takeout for dinner. It was a fine and quiet birthday. Gary gave me a “SodaStream” for the occasion, and I love it.

This week, on the days that I was home, it seemed like I had just the right number of dogs to care for and groom. On Thursday, I groomed four little dogs from the same family. On Friday, I had two small dogs and such a welcome visit from a friend who owned one of them. I got some hugs from that friend, and I delivered hugs to the other customer/friend, who had just lost an infant grandchild.

Except when people ask and offer sympathy, I don’t talk about the loss of our dogs any more; I need to keep things in perspective. They were truly our treasured family members, but the grief is ours and I don’t want to cry about our pets at the same time as people are trying to cope with the death of a child.

You might imagine, it is difficult to get all four souls pictured clearly at the same time. I admit to not being a skilled photographer.



Above is “Tia”. She looks so much like the wee pomeranian we lost, our “Callie”. I told the owners that they could leave Tia with me forever. I have also said this to the owner of “Lily”, pictured next:



Had some awesome dogs to board this week, three from one family.






It’s time to get ready to go for Sunday brunch. I have become pretty confused as to which photos I’ve shared in previous posts … I will come back and give it another “go” later.

Love, Ann


Debbie and Ann, circa 1960 or so.

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