Life and Pets

A motley crew …

How can I be sad? I’ve said it before … every day I am surrounded by the best of friends.

These two are probably siblings, maybe from the same litter. They are locally bred, and there are many golden retrievers in the Valley from the same breeder, so it’s not that unusual for me to have two such related dogs visiting here at once. These are Hunter and Sandy.

Here are two others who come for boarding and/or grooming.

These are Sophie and Rosie.

Today at 1pm. I got a phone call from a lady who has two mini australian shepherds. “Can you groom them today?”. I will work any day of the week, and this isn’t the first time this owner has asked for a what I’d call a “walk-in” appointment. One of these dogs is not too big a challenge, but the older, heavier one is always quite a task.

But today I was, in a sense, ready for the request. I didn’t know that this customer would call this day, but she has done this a few times. So I said (as she lives an hour’s drive away) that I could take on the job if they came right away. So, starting at 2:30, I groomed diligently until 5:30 and got both dogs done. I am lucky that the boys are both patient and kind, as even though I’m a gentle groomer, not every moment of the brushing/combing/trimming would have been comfortable. This is Roper (the little guy), and Conan.

Sage came for shampoo and nails today.

Pepper Mastronardi


Tank Gallant






Above is Billee, a rescued puppy who has become a joyful, balance and well fed young pet.

Ajax is coming back to see us in the morning.


Hurray! Tomorrow is Sunday breakfast in town. It is our friend’s birthday, but she wouldn’t want me to say it in my blog, so shhhh …

Love, Ann



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