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A little irony …

This has been a pretty good week. I have cried every day over the dogs, but not in weeping jags as I did earlier. We’ve all been through it; first the grief threatens to kill you, or at least maim your heart or send you to the hospital. (Did you know? There is actually a medical condition called “broken heart syndrome”.)

I try not to make so much of it to other people, because perhaps they have had some dreadful losses. But my friend Vonda cried with me, and hugged me, averring that “grief is grief”, and that pets are family too… that we are entitled to grieve however we need to. And I know that everyone has been through it. It does get better, no matter what the details.

The small irony that happened yesterday was that the two dog beds I ordered back in October had arrived at our local hardware store! They had obviously been back-ordered, and were expected in April from the warehouse; who knew they would arrive just two weeks after we lost both our family dogs?

At any rate, partly because I am in the business of bedding dogs, I happily picked them up (and used this as an excuse to share my sad dog story). It seems that the the “self-warming dog beds” are going to be appreciated anyway!

Had these two beauties to groom today. Despite an epic snowfall this morning, Sadie and Nellie’s owner showed up as planned. There is no hurry for them to go home.

I appreciate that, even though we lost both family dogs in less than one unfortunate week, I still have two of the finest cats in the world. So far they seem in excellent health and are young. Because they are very personable and so beautiful (though I can love any ugly pet), I tell them each that they are my favourite. They don’t seem to mind.

When I started washing dog dishes this morning, I put out a bath mat to place them on. Evidently my quirky cats though this also was just for them. They have also decided that they prefer absolutely freshly poured water … Sam will even stand in running water to drink from the doggy bathtub hose.


Zippy loves “his” cats. If I don’t watch this little intact male dog, he will try a little too much loving with the cats.

Zippy & Smokey

Sometimes it’s actually a little hard to work “around” our friendly felines.

Smokey, Benji, Sam

Bandit was back to see me last week for a few days. His owner likes to keep him sheared short. He’s a miniature australian shepherd.

Bandit Felton

This is Onus. You’ve met her before. Like many cocker spaniels will, she pooped on the grooming table, but once that was out of her system, she was a perfect client, so gentle and patient.

I groomed a dog named Lady last Friday. She’s a lovely “farm” dog, but very stressed when taken from home. Like many outdoor, heavy coated dogs who come once per year, the brushing-out was a huge challenge. I worry about Lady, because she seems so panicky the whole time, even though I’m gentle and I talk to her reassuringly.



It made no discernible difference whether Lady had the company of Smokey or not. Or Sam.


I hadn’t seen this Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier since last summer. Her owner asked on the phone if I had time for a “quick grooming” for Carra this Monday. As I’d feared, Carra was matted but her owner didn’t want her shaved. A gruelling two hours later, she still looked like a Wheaten, and the dog was compliant and stoic, but I swore I would never demat and scissor if she got like that again. Not fair to the dog nor to me.


You’ve seen these photos before, but I don’t think that I mentioned these dogs are related … Benji, Molly and Nellie.



My darling Shadow




Zeus at night


Dear ol’ Beau


Zoey .. puts her own dish on her bed, upside down, every day

My friends, this blog post might seem random, but hey, that’s how my weeks usually are! Every day is different around her, and that’s just how I like it. Wish so many “best friends” to spend my time with, how can I be sad for more than odd moments?

I love you for reading my blog.

~ Ann

One thought on “A little irony …

  1. I love reading your blog! You’re such a wonderful person, Ann . . . and you exhibit an amazing amount of soul for the animals in your care. I’m sure they love you as much as you love them!

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