Life and Pets

Feeling lost …

There’s nothing I can put my finger on, other than the loss of McKenna and Lady, but I haven’t felt inspired to sew or craft, clean or do chores. I am resting, but I don’t feel rested.

I got around to clearing just a couple of items from the kennel building, or at least that was my intention. I put those things on Facebook, on the local Buy & Sell page, and wouldn’t you know it? Each buyer wanted the items delivered late next week, or whenever, or they didn’t know when they could pick up. So much for getting stuff out of the way.

I’m irritable, I admit. I have so many things to be thankful for, but I’m focused on the ache in my heart instead. Time has already helped, but … I have wasted so much time during which I could have been productive. When I think of how much I could accomplish, I feel even sadder, defeated.


I’m going to load a few pictures of some animal beings who help my mood.

Jasper and Timber don’t mind being right in my lap while I sit on the floor clipping their toenails. They are incredibly good for the process; not all dogs who have regular pedicures will behave so well for this.


I had this little pack last week, and because they were just here for the day, on the day after we lost Lady, I sat on the floor crying and they all tried to get into my lap too:

I babysat Gally and his sidekick Patch, another sweet lab. They had the run of the large exercise yard. We keep an eye on these big dogs, of course, and they often have their eyes on … the cats.


The cats have their eyes on Taffy, the guinea pig, at times. When I clean Taffy’s cage, I put her in a large pan, but Sam the Siamese was intent on “patting” the piggy, so I put the little blue shelter in it.

One evening last week there appeared on Facebook, a photo of a deer “trespassing” on a friend’s neighbour’s yard … this is my little house in town. We live a few miles away, across the Fraser River,  near the foot of Beaver Mountain that you see in the picture.


It’s time to put the finishing touches on our simple dinner … I have almost never been too sad to eat.

Take care of yourselves. Hug each other, hug your pets.   XXX

Love, Ann

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