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Ashes to ashes and letting go …


I would say that I’m starting to let go of the grief a bit. I was going to call it, “debilitating grief”, but really, I’m able to function. I just feel very unmotivated and I am content to stay that way for another day.

I traveled to Dunster this morning to pick up Lady’s cremains and discuss the results of her blood tests. The values were not definitive for “hemangiosarcoma” as I made reference to before in my blog, but indicated a liver that was decimated, engorged or otherwise kaput. The condition was most certainly a malignancy, not an infection that could have been cured.

It is disheartening to think that poor Lady must have felt so unwell for who-knows-how-long, but diagnosing her condition sooner would not have changed the result. Poor stoic dog; surely she did know how much she was loved.

This afternoon, I thought I’d pop into town for a few grocery items, the mail, and coffee. I went to a coffee shop owned by someone I’ve known for forty years. Now this friend is legendary for her moodiness, and today she grunted a curt “hello” and would not really look at me. I sat in a lounge area with my iPad, within sight of her, and asked how all her kids and grandkids were. “Fine.”

So, trying not to take this personally but finding it hard not to, I finished my one excellent coffee and fled.

In the parking lot, I ran into a younger friend walking her dogs. I shared my sad news about McKenna and Lady, and then she told me joyous news … she’s expecting a baby!

I’m trying not to let my moody friend’s mood bother me, nor our tragic pet events, but find happiness in my human family and friends and their good news aplenty.

Love, Ann

Here are some pictures of our darling Juno, to bring a smile!


One thought on “Ashes to ashes and letting go …

  1. this person must have had a bad week or so, try not to let it get to you. Sorry for your loss by the way, a pet is just as much a “family” member as our human ones.

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