Life and Pets

Lady …

Gary and I are saying to each other, as we sit here finishing our toast to Lady, “She was a once-in-a-lifetime dog.”

As we mark the sudden passing of our “younger” dog who was also a senior but not as old as McKenna, we feel numbness and disbelief.

We had hoped that Lady’s symptoms might lead to a diagnosis of thyroid problems or diabetes, you know, something treatable. This was not to be … X-rays revealed that she had at least one large mass on either liver or spleen. Very quickly after we noticed her lack of appetite and extreme lethargy, Lady came to the point that we had to accept how ill she was and that a miracle was not to be.

We are still waiting for the lab results, and they will soon arrive, but we could see that we could not let her “go by inches”.

Years ago Gary’s beautiful daughter, when faced with the loss of her doggy soulmate, said, “Now all my friends can quit kidding themselves. I had the best dog in the world.”.

Happy Trails, our darling companion.

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