Life and Pets

McKenna, Lady …

I was going to mention the awful absence in our house now that little McKenna is gone. It matters that she lived a happy life with a family who loved everything about her, and experienced a relatively peaceful passing.

So I’ve said my peace about Shelly’s dog who retired in our care. We were sure that our dog Lady was feeling out-of-sorts at the end of McKenna’s life, out of empathy or stress. Eventually, after a couple of weeks of Lady being off her food, not as playful as usual, and some changes in her “conformation” (thinner on top line but with a pendulous belly), we got her to Dr. Vogel.

I had to leave our dog there for tests and have been waiting to hear. Our vet said that it would be toward evening before I could pick Lady up. What a long day it has been, with a doubly dreadful absence! I have turned around dozens of times today while working outside or indoors, checking for our faithful and cheerful pet.

Just got the call to come get Lady. Doc will discuss the X-rays when I get there. He said, in his own rather terse way, “I am quite concerned about her.”. I will post an addendum later.

– Ann


Dire diagnosis and poor prognosis, I’m afraid, for our Lady. Will wait for the blood work to support any decisions, but X-rays show masses in her abdomen. 😥



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