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McKenna …

This morning, Shelly and I took McKenna to be “put to sleep” by Dr. Vogel. It was time; we could see that the little dog was not enjoying life one bit and in fact was suffering some. Still, we feel heartbroken. This dog was a friend and confidante to Shelly for many years, through some difficult times.

McKenna was at least 17 years old and had lived with Gary and I for the last few years after we all decided she was happier on our acreage than in Calgary while Shelly worked and finished her degree. Lately, I carried her outside and back into the house several times per day because she couldn’t manage our four stairs very well anymore.  I’ve cried buckets already and I think Shelly is still crying, but she had some unrelated matters to attend to. I’m grateful that Shelly and I could be together today, and have the support of our friends and of our respective spouses.

McKenna was a “sidekick” like our Lady… indoors or outdoors, wherever we were. Always pleasant, rarely committing any kind of offense, Gary and I enjoyed that she could “retire” at our place and be like our own in her senior years … but it is tough to see them get old. I will miss our small buddy.


I’m going to publish this post. The Internet service is quirky again today … had another sheaf of pictures to upload and it’s not working.

Love, Ann

Goodnight, McKenna. You will be so missed.


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