Life and Pets

Wally, Clemina, Duke, Timber, Toby, Rosie, etc.





Wally and Clemina are both large Great Pyrenese cross dogs, not related but part of the same human family. They are both very respectful and quite easy going.

Below are Duke and Timber. Duke is getting to be an “old timer” … quite deaf and sedate. He doesn’t suffer while he stays here: just hangs out and snoozes on the heated floors. His sidekick “Timber” is a spayed female blue heeler with a quirky attitude, but who is also no trouble at all.





Safe to say that Rosie enjoyed the company of the cats. Mind you, Rosie seems to enjoy every minute of every day. She was sheared short and shampooed to curb the shedding in her house.



This is a little old cat who “belongs to” Duke and Timber. He needs tender care and a daily pill. Toby is gentle and quiet except when in a travel kennel, in which case he complains.


Smokey & Sam

Great to see these two getting along well!

Other than grooming Rosie, I didn’t have a lot of work today. I was grateful, as I hardly slept at all last night … combination of drinking too much coffee late in the day, and worries about Rose.

I spoke to my elderly renter today and told her that I’d heard she was very disappointed in me; she denied ever being critical of the fact that I visit her so seldom, so there was nowhere to go in the conversation. The result was that, without naming her,  I incriminated another friend who had been better to Rose, and nothing was gained.

So, Wally & Clemina, Duke, Timber and Toby went home tonight, but early in the day, Tilly and Tank arrived. The weekend coming up will be much busier, as there are tournaments (hockey and curling) in our little town. People sometimes have me board their pets, and my “little house” downtown is rented to a curling team.

Am fading. All is well, in general.

Love you. XXX

~ Ann


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