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Binou, Daizy, Fanny Mae …

What a wonderful day I’ve had with three of my best canine friends plus our own family pets. I love seeing the brilliant couple who is owned by Binou, Daizy and Fanny, but our visits are limited to dropping-off and picking-up.

I laughed out loud when I realized what Binou’s “toy du jour” was!


You could say that one of my clients gives “lip service” to Donald Trump. Now that’s a political figure one can really get their teeth into!


Sam is unafraid of dogs, and also not afraid of getting wet.

These are Binou’s tiny sidekicks from the same household:

Fanny & Daizee

Fanny Mae and Daizy

That’s about it for my day! Other than feed the horse, chickens, all dogs and cats on site, guinea pig and myself, and the grooming of my three darling friends, I haven’t done very much. Oh … I fed the fire and started some laundry, but that’s all.

Here is one of the latest pics of our Juno:


I’m in awe of Beth for capturing this photo. Looks to me like professional staging and photography!

So, today I have been trying not to worry about Rose, perceived obligations to her, or gossip that she is perpetuating. I’ll get over there to trim her four pets’ toenails, and will either talk to her about this or not. There is just not enough time in life to worry about everyone’s opinions or what they say about me. It is hard to take care of everyone who feels they need “watching over”; I have done my best but now I don’t feel like extending myself so far.

It’s time to do up a few dishes and finish laundry, and then I’ll watch some U.S. politics again, you know, just to relax. aargh

Love, Ann

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