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Socks …


How can anyone write a blog post about just socks?

Who knew that socks and the handling of them could be profound?  Last month, I joined the ranks of people who can cope with wearing two socks that do not match.

That’s right! I’m almost 62 years old, and all of my life, I think I’ve done anything to keep from committing this perceived fashion “faux pas”, this affront to sock propriety. I’d go sockless, or if it looked like matching pairs were in short supply in my wardrobe, I would buy socks.

One year, I even made a “sock bed” for McKenna out of orphaned socks, having given up on matching the pairs. That’s right! I had a collection of socks that had no mates that I couldn’t bear to simply discard. Right after I throw away (or sew into a dog bed) socks, I start finding likely matches.

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was searching for a pair in laundry I had just finished … a pair should be here. It hit me: who cares? I have at least one darling daughter, a beloved niece, and an ex son in law who have no compunction about wearing mismatched socks. Nobody I know notices or cares, and certainly I do not think less of anyone who does. I thought, “I’ll just try this and see how it feels.”.

The upshot of controlling this minor obsession is that I feel liberated! During days of extreme concern and stress over U.S. and world politics, little irritations in business and having to just live a life, this is one less stressor!

In the end and the upshot, sometimes all we can control is our own attitude. Changing that, eliminating some small but maddening thorn in one’s psyche can truly make a difference. Now I have more time to do something constructive, feel less burdened, and instead of chastising myself daily over living out of my laundry basket instead of being organized, I actually feel better about myself.

My hope for you today is that you, too, can let go of some minuscule irritation and feel good about it, lighter hearted. You might be surprised.



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