Life and Pets

Quiet Saturday night …

It has been a quiet Saturday too. We only had one boarder overnight, the darling Carly.

Carly Walline

Trigger and Tango went home last night. Trigger is a young and handsome shepherd cross. Tango is a 10 year old chocolate lab, quite sedate and good natured.

After my grueling day on Wednesday with Panda the Newfoundland dog. Thursday was busier in a different way … steady all day with smaller dogs.

Angel and Molly are always sweet:

Ladybug is a very heavy cocker spaniel. She is gentle in personality and quiet. Her owner wants her simply sheared short all over a few times per year.

Bailey is a senior shih tzu. His owners report that he can be scrappy with other dogs, but we know how to keep everyone safe. He is respectful to groom:


Festus was here only for the day that day.


This afternoon, Heinz came to see me for his regular pedicure. I don’t think he’d been up close and personal with Sam before, but they certainly liked each other!


Lest anyone think that Smokey has been usurped or shut out … she is usually  on the counter beside the grooming table. She is probably watching the kitten with disdain and thinking, “Kids!”.

Sam got the “snip” this week, so is now a neutered male. He seemed unfazed by his experience. I had a nice visit with Dr. Vogel, but we were both chuckling when I was asked to state Sam’s breed for the record. I told the doc that the kitten had been a stray, but resembled a Balinese or a Ragdoll, but that Tom could put him down as simply “domestic longhair”. By the time I finished babbling, the vet wasn’t sure what my preference would be “for the record”, and asked me how to spell “Balinese”.

Tonight, only Clemina and Wally are visiting … the Pet Hostel is quiet in every way. I was glad to have a “slower” day yesterday and today (Friday and Saturday).

Nevertheless, I’m tired. I spent a long time picking up dog poop … at least in the winter it is always FIRM. Simply part of my work day. At the end of most days, I’m pretty fatigued whether I’ve worked very hard or not.

I love my job.

Thank you for reading my blog.

~ Ann


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