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A blur of day …



I started a post last night, and then nothing would load in WordPress. In fact, the computer or our internet was slow and quirky. I gave up.

I have to go back to the post from a few days ago. I pictured a dog as “Abby” when it was actually “Sage”. Oops! No wonder I couldn’t adjust the photo to reflect Abby’s brown colouring, when my subject is actually jet black. This is Sage:


So, this is my post from yesterday, now that the post will load:

The morning started with a surprise awakening before my alarm went off … a young acquaintance was asking if he could drop off a dog that he had picked up at a local gas station. It was 6 am.

The dog was familiar to me, but not as a customer: she had been brought here before. I put a mention of the sweet girl on Facebook and eventually added her picture.

Cassie Zimmerman

I had no opportunity until hours later to look up a phone number, after someone posted a suggestion in Facebook. Of course, the dog was picked up after I phoned.

From 7 am. to almost 2 pm., I stood and groomed this giant dog. Panda is a young male dog who is gentle, like almost all Newfoundland dogs are.

I had asked Panda’s owner to help me lift the dog onto my marvellous lift table, but then I knew I was really committed to the work, in fact STUCK. I was home alone for the day and I knew I could never get Panda back on the table if he leapt off or if I took a break. Even though my table can be lowered to 18″, it is impossible to move/lift, or coerce a larger dog onto it, if they don’t want to go willlingly. One hundred pounds seems like three.

Panda is gentle, but rarely seems to understand quite what I need during the grooming process. He usually wants to lie on the part I’m trying to comb or trim. He presses his enormous head on my hands and equipment when I’m attempting to groom his chin, neck and chest. It’s exhausting. The bath required two gallons of shampoo and all of the hot water.

By 2:00, I was so tired that I wanted to cry. But Panda was clean and dry, detangled and trimmed. He stepped off the table in its low position and walked around the kennel building as if he felt very handsome, which he was!

Here are two lovely, if comical, faces from the weekend:

That is Dexter and Jazzmin, each managing a look of rebuke as I sat on the warm floor with them, trimming their nails. They still love me, though, because I had treats. Lots of treats.

Here, last but best, are two recent pics of our beloved granddaughter, Juno.  Hope you all have a good day!

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