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End of another week … plus an edit

Couldn’t think of anything pithy to call this week or entitle this post. It has been a satisfactory few days since I spoke to you. Have been just doing what I love, and gettin’ by just fine.

Here are a few of the beautiful beings I cared for, talked to, or groomed this week.

This is “Angel”, a small Shih Tzu. Her first owner called her an ‘Imperial Shih Tzu’, but that is just a fancy name for a runty specimen of her breed. She is loving and brave, and didn’t mind when Sam the cat discovered and played with her tail!

I bathed and brushed Abby and Roxy today, after they had stayed with us a few days. Although they appear black in the photos and I seem unable to adjust the colour, they are both chocolate labs:

Edit: That’s not Abby in the picture, but Sage! No wonder I couldn’t adjust the colour… the dog is jet black! Sage’s owner noticed my error. (I didn’t actually get a picture of Abby).

Good ol’ Levi was back for a trim, etc:


This big girl (above) is “Mina”, a newfoundland cross. She has some issues with some other dogs, but was respectful and quiet here.

Tank Kelley

I met Tank for the first time today. He has been billed as a Yorkshire Terrier cross, and I can see that in him. He was a feisty little guy, willing to take on any other dog, cat or parrot, even when nobody else wanted to fight.

Patchy Adams

Little Patchy is so loving. He has been cursed with a neurological disorder which makes walking difficult for him and has rendered him incontinent. He needed two baths while he was here for just a couple of hours. His veterinarian feels that he’s not suffering at this time, and I can understand his family wanting to keep him for as long as they can.

Max Klokeid

You’ve met Max before. I LOVE to babysit this bird, as he is entertaining and not much trouble. Doesn’t he look like a real thinker?

Tucker & Sam

A perennial favourite is ‘Tucker’. He’s a purebred Havanese, but his people like to keep him in a practical, cute clip. Tucker is a jaunty little guy and was not fazed by Sam’s presence at all. Sam looks fazed by nothing!

So, Roxy and Abby went home today, and we have Seltzer & Maya, Trigger & Tango, Dexter & Jazzmin boarding, and that’s all.

I will work any day of the week, but today was pretty tiring. Just lifting the portly labradors was an effort (they weren’t willing to just step onto the electric lift table), and then I groomed the little Yorkie cross, Tank.

Gary and I had a lunch, and then I clipped Bella’s nails (she’s a golden retriever), and then helped friends with a sort of “grooming emergency”.

Charlie, a big border collie had experienced a bout of loose stools and his rear end was pretty messy. When they phoned about him, I said I’d help them right away, and not to add water to the mess. We lifted the big dog into the doggy bath tub and I simply clipped away the soiled fur. Afterward, Charlie frolicked about with one of Lady’s toys, and a new outlook on life. I was glad that I didn’t make the dog or his family wait.

I finally had a few minutes to go into McBride this afternoon. Happily, I ran across Mary, with whom I hadn’t visited for ages. We went for coffee to catch up.

The afternoon ended up with a small slight, a little slap in the face, NOT from Mary of course. I will get over this in three more hours or maybe ten years. I’m trying not to read too much into anything.

Every day, I “count my blessings”, as I hear about those in trouble, or ill or hurt. We can’t always do anything to help. I visited one of our friends in hospital today: he had broken both ankles in a fall at his farm. Reg seemed in good spirits, and he was remarking how it could have been worse, and some folks DO have it worse …


~ Ann

4 thoughts on “End of another week … plus an edit

  1. Thanks Ann……wonderful comments on sages coat and she’s happier too, thanks for the correction on her picture. ( glad I can identify her when so many look the same )……lol

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