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Scallywags …

This morning I had started the coffee by 7 and was out the door shortly after. I opened the doggy door for Seltzer and Maya (they get “tucked in” late at night or they might stand outside and bark). I refreshed bedding, replaced water, and fed those who get a morning feeding: it’s only a small crowd at the Pet Hostel this weekend.

Storm was dropped off before 8, and I returned to the house to make eggs benedict for Gary and I. I often make that for Saturday breakfast. After I ate and had my coffee, I went back out and was greeted by this sight:


And THEN, I was greeted by THIS sight!


Have you ever seen such an innocent looking dachshund? Storm doesn’t even want to look me in the eye.


Shelly tells me that she has never known Seltzer to dig that much … now I’m thinking that Storm did most of this earth moving. Certainly it would have taken a lot of power and determination to make this excavation … the gravelly earth was almost too hard to get a shovel into, except where the dogs had dug. Rocks and frozen soil posed no problem!

Since I started composing this post, Seltzer and Maya have gone home: I’ll keep a closer eye on Storm tomorrow. It’s hard work for me to fill big holes back in, not that any other issue resulted from the monkey business!

Taffi goes home this weekend sometime. She has been delightful. I gave her a new toy, and she has raced around gleefully squeaking it while she runs.

Ghost went home today. During her relatively long stay, she has been little trouble. She has had access to the large exercise yard almost the entire time.


Among the doggies I groomed this week:

That’s Gamble. He has the brother “Kian” who looks very similar.

That’s dear ol’ Beau, who you’ve met before. Smokey and Sam took turns keeping Beau company.

“Nikko”, a sturdy pomeranian, as good as gold for grooming.

Shadow Zahn

Shadow is camera shy; he’s just up on the table for nail trimming.

These are Shelly’s cats, who seem to appreciate my “pet cave”, which I created from a dated style of side table.


I’m weary and heading for bed. Hope you have a lovely Sunday.

~ Ann

2 thoughts on “Scallywags …

  1. Definitely Storms handy work, perhaps a team effort! Lol. Thank you for looking after our crafting canine again Ann, it’s her home away from home.

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