Life and Pets

Blasé made better…

Today was a good day, rather productive if I may say so.

Yesterday I mostly binge-watched a series on Netflix, ‘Trapped’: it’s a murder mystery set in Iceland, mostly subtitled. I was riveted and the show kept me guessing until the end, wondering how the plots and subplots were connected.

I couldn’t leave the tv even to cut fabric or sew, lest I miss something in the story. All day, I listened to the wind howl, knowing that the driveway was drifting, and the rest of the yard too. I didn’t tackle the chore of ploughing snow for two reasons: it seemed senseless to push snow around while some still fell from the sky, plus I was afraid of bundling up and working out in the gale force winds (our tractor doesn’t have a cab).

So, this morning I awoke ready to work out in the yard. The wind had died down a lot. I pushed drifts around for hours, knowing that it would not be as good as my husband could do, but quite satisfied with my efforts.

So I fed dogs, cats and chickens, made a big pot of broth for meal-starters later, didn’t forget to feed the wood fire, shovelled a tiny bit of snow by hand, and devoted lots of time to snow ploughing. I did laundry and moved Shelly’s enormous vintage desk indoors from the back of my truck (so that it wasn’t out in the coming wet weather). I drove to McBride and bought a jug of diesel fuel and a few groceries and picked up the mail.

As I sit here listening to Gary out running the tractor to improve my ploughing job, I think that I should also have vacuumed and baked a cake. But I’m resting.

Why my day went from blasé to wonderful was that my friend Deb phoned as I was returning from town. I was just turning into the driveway when my cell rang, and I parked and we chatted for ages. I didn’t want to leave the conversation, and eventually, Deb said, “I am picturing you sitting in your truck still, freezing to death!”.

We have made a plan to meet in Calgary later in the Spring, and I will be able to pick up the beautiful painting she did for me, at that time.

I was feeling just a bit glum before I went to town and before Deb’s phone call. I didn’t discuss this with my slender, beautiful, oldest friend, but I had stepped on the bathroom scale earlier, and it kind of ruined my smug mood. (I’m never truly smug, but I told you how I felt about snow clearing). I am as heavy as I have ever been. I need to lose the “same” thirty pounds as I have lost several times before. There you have it. I know I must love food less, or love less food, and get more exercise! I cannot call up excuses, as I don’t think I eat to heal hurts or loss, numb myself, etc..  but only I can solve this perennial problem.

I’m going to stop talking now. All is well. I love that you read my blog!

– Ann

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