Life and Pets

Keepin’ on …

Small loss on the acreage today … I discovered one of my chickens dead. I am sure this is the hen “Belinda”, though I have never committed their names to memory. I LOVE my biddies, but I hadn’t noticed anyone ill or suffering; I guess it was just an avian heart attack or something. The chickens have a good chicken house, literally piles of food, warmed water …

All else has been fine.  The weather is warmer, though the deep freeze has changed to howling winds and drifting snow.  The boys are going skiing, but Gary has already been outside ploughing for an hour. This morning I will get on the tractor and move some snow around too. I’ve encouraged Gary to stick to his plan for this ski trip and I will do a share of the “outdoor” work.

Have still been sewing every chance I get: all quick, lazy, straightforward strip or jellyroll quilts. One gives up control over the distribution of the strips in trade for truly speedy assembly. I really like how the crib quilt for Nelly’s baby turned out:

Quilt for Nelly baby
Although I am capable enough to do some of the more complex piecework creations that other people do, I am not patient, and am out of practice. It is more difficult and challenging for me to complete the work of making even a small quilt, after accomplishing a satisfactory quilt top. I don’t  want to devote months or years to one project, whether the result is an old-fashioned-looking creation, or a stunning modern work of fabric art. If I were to stick with sewing and quilting (again) for long, I would do well to attend some remedial classes or hang out with some more seasoned quilters.

I discarded my old Janome last week, and have no regret. I looked at the sewing machine long and hard, remembering many happy hours of stitching. But I have various reasons for not loving this item as I once did, and it is gone now. In its place, I have the little Singer which I got on sale before Christmas (and this saved the day for completing some projects). This small workhorse has earned from me a 5 star review at

The kennels have not been too busy, but not vacant either. At the moment we are babysitting Ghost, Taffi, Baxter and Tank. There is a modicum of grooming work every week … I can see myself keeping up this placid pace for a very long time, with no serious thought to retirement.

Even so, there are things I must do! Talk to you later!

Love, Ann


Maya got a summer haircut in January.


One of my old comforters fits Lady’s chair, and meets her approval.

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