Life and Pets

Brrr …

We’re having another deep freeze. In decades gone by, it was not uncommon to have temperatures of -40 for many days, even weeks. Now when the thermometer shows -25 or -30C, we feel hard done by.

Have been out to visit the chickens, of course. They seem content enough, in their cluckingham palace with a “ceramic” heater and regular feeding (which daily includes grains and laying supplement, and leftovers from the house). The six hens lay one egg a day at this time.

We all saw in Facebook the posts about supplying chickens with water in a crockpot. I haven’t seen a crockpot in the thrift shop or the swap shed since, and I have not been to Value Village, so THIS is what I came up with:


I set the control knob as low as it can go, and taped it snugly. We’ll see. I want to provide water without replacing it daily, and certainly it shouldn’t be simmering! The frying pan was $2 at the church thrift store. I am hoping this works better than a dish on a heating pad, which is what I had been using.

There have been some VERY quiet days at the Pet Hostel. I’m appreciating the “down time”. I told a customer that, if I wanted to travel, now would be the time to do it, but I don’t want to go anywhere!

I’ve been sewing more than in past recent winters. I visited Mabel this week, Mabel who bought a quilt shop’s entire inventory and is reselling at discount prices. Many fabrics are like works of art to me, and I looked at almost every bolt of sturdy cotton that she had. I came home with two big bags of 1/2 meter of each fabric I fancied.


How could I say no to so many beautiful fabrics? I used a huge amount of restraint by buying only 1/2 meter of each!

I am now committed to sewing jellyroll quilts and other projects until I have much of this new “stash” reduced!

I sewed this quilt top (soon to be quilt)  yesterday for a babe who isn’t born yet. The parents have been told that they are having a boy, so I tried to make it not too flowery, even though I don’t like to buy into too many gender stereotypes for anyone of any age.

It is all made from clean, unused fabrics, but most were almost vintage.


Who would THESE doggy coverlets be for?


These are for Deb’s two Cavalier King Charles spaniels. I guess I’ve let the “cat” out of the bag, because my friend reads my blog. Deb painted the beautiful work of art that I shared with you a month ago, “Garden Party”, and she sent this Christmas card, made from prints of another work of art”


I’m saying ‘bye for now. I already burned the roux that I was starting in the kitchen (in order to build a batch of white sauce for yummy dishes and to utilize some milk). So I’d better pay more attention, and then do some sewing this afternoon.

Love, Ann


Tilly, all shampooed and almost dry

After I changed the guinea pig cage and returned Taffy to it, Smokey decided the temporary bed (dishpan) was just meant for her.



Coverlet for my ol’ chat friend’s new little dog, Oscar.




McKenna bath day

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