Life and Pets

Happy New Year!

This evening we are heading into 2017, and though Gary and I plan a quiet night at home, watching television, I’d say we kicked that off in style:




The photos ended up “out of order”, but that’s okay, I guess, because I served all the items at once, and we ate them the same way.

While I was preparing some of this, I thought, “Shit, I didn’t make or buy dessert!”.  I quickly looked up “lava cake” and decided that would be something I would enjoy, but thought Gary would not. Instead, I mixed up a tiny batch of pastry, and thawed Sarah’s leftover butter tart filling. Boom! Dessert.


It took only a short time before I had eaten too much and drank too much champagne. So now I’m on the couch talking to you fine folk. After this, I will go back to my online word game, Words With Friends.

Most of the “Christmas” boarders have gone home now. Mr. Lewis was happy to be reunited with his owners, though he was okay at the Pet Hostel, too. After frolicking around outside (at 16 years old, a feat in itself) for a few moments, he ran back to me and licked my outstretched hand as if to say goodbye.


So many people have posted profound wishes and philosophies in Facebook as January approaches, but … I don’t have it in me.

I simply wish all of you a happy and healthy year ahead.

Love, Ann


For good measure, here’s a pic of the cats. They are warming up to each other!

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