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A quilt for Rae ….

My darling sister, my only sibling, is not likely to read this blog, so I’ll share with you the completed quilt I made for her. I will send it next week: late for Christmas but early for Rae’s birthday in March. It is another incarnation of the “jelly roll” quilt, and the ones I am making just end up being random sizes. This one is “nap sized” … much larger than a lap quilt but smaller than a twin size.

I have purchased and used a few yards of carefully chosen quilt cottons, but also have used scraps from my fabric bins. I have my own ideas about coordinating colours, but definitely have that in mind while I choose the pieces and cut the strips. The quilt is nicer “in person”.

Rae's Quilt

Between sessions of sewing, we’ve had a few dogs to care for. Squeaker and Kelef have come for a few days. They have the finest indoor quarters in the kennel building, as it might get cold again this weekend, and they enjoy the big exercise yard as well.

Storm is here for a few more days. She received a new squeaky ducky for Christmas.


Here are my current favourite cats in the whole world:

Max & Smokey

Smokey with Max: we grey guys have to stick together.

Smokey in box

Smokey found the clock box. I had cut out a piece of cardboard for a project, and the cat thought that was just for her! After she chose the box, I put bedding and catnip in it.


Sam talks to me sometimes.


Above is Annie, to whom Sarah and Justin belong. She seemed right at home at our house.



While we waited for Sarah and Justin to arrive (‘way back on December 21), I put out a few snacks. I love to feed people.


Christmas Eve happened to be the first night of Hannukah. Still no shortage of food around.


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, which seems surreal to me. We do not plan anything wild (or even OUT), but I have some ideas for tomorrow’s dinner. This is just the way I like things.


Look at that face … no wonder I love my job. Oh wait, I love the ugly dogs too. Not that any are pictured in my blog!

Must close up the kennels for the night. It’s after 11.

Love you all for reading this blog.

~ Ann


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