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Relaxing with the Baileys …

Am back in the recliner chair after happily providing service to Pepper, Storm, Nellie & Sadie, Baxter, Dexter & Jazzmin, Mr. Lewis, Sunny, Smudge, Taffi, Shadow and Buster.  Of course, our family pets get “served” as well, Lady and McKenna, cats Smokey and Sam, and Taffy the guinea pig.  Oh, and the chickens: today they get FRUITCAKE!

I have coffee with the fine “Salted Caramel Baileys” that darlings Shelly and Adrien gave us.


Yesterday Momo (formerly named Morag), Luna, Scruffy and Maple went home. None of the guests have been a great deal of trouble, but the net result over Christmas seemed a bit tiring.

One of my frustrations this morning should have been minor, but put me in a tizzy of tears and temper. I was simply trying to hang this steampunk-style clock. I purchased it at a local gift store/coffee shop at closing time on Christmas Eve; it did not seem to be “under the tree” back home, and the price had been reduced.

Late on Christmas morning, I got this Santa’s-gift-to-me out of its box, and the minute hand was just hanging lifelessly. The installation of batteries did not magically cure the issue. Tears also did not. I brought the clock into the house from the kennel building thinking that some other family member might suggest a cure, without taking a brand new item apart. I had made up my mind that the clock would have to be returned (I had wanted the display model that I had lusted after for months, but the store owner had one in a box.).

In an hour or two, I could see that the minute hand had moved. I reset the time on the clock, and 24 hours later it was still keeping time! A little Christmas magic! So this morning, I gathered my nerve to go hang up the sucker: it is much larger and heavier than the cheap clock I had taken down, so I wanted to find a stud. I couldn’t reach where the fastener should be, so I tried step stool, step ladder, bar stool, and finally I dug a taller ladder out of the snow. Then I needed a bit of effort and three hands to put up the hanger and hang the clock “just so”, and stood back to admire my handiwork. The minute hand was at the “6” and it was 9:30 … but then I realized that it was hanging lifelessly again.

I gave up in tears and disgust again. Perhaps the clock will magically work properly again after I do some tasks in the house and leave it be.  Or it can go back to the store. If you wonder that any of this should have been worth such aggravation or any tears at all, you’d have to live in my head. Enough said.


My emotions are all over the place these days. I’m missing Susan and Kim who couldn’t come, longing to see Juno again, basking in the joy that Sarah’s and Justin’s visit brought, and gladness that Shelly and Adrien could visit as well. I have so many things that I AM thankful for, not just SHOULD  be, but I seem to be cloaked in a mist of sadness anyway. Fatigue and irritability too.

I am going to tidy up some of the chaff of Christmas, and sew today. We have far too much baking left over, so I can eat some, freeze a little, and share some with chickens. Some cookies and brownies didn’t even get taken out of the freezer in the first place! None of that matters. If I can be productive, even just to sew a doggy blanket for a client to take home, I will feel better. I always do.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

Love, Ann

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