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Who are you and why are you here?

(The title and beginning of post is now a couple of days old, from Dec. 23, but I’m leaving some of my writing as is, rather than start anew.)

No, I’m not being profound or metaphorical.

An hour ago, while I was bustling around preparing our “Christmas dinner”, which is tonight (and perhaps not our only bountiful feast of the Season), I saw a truck pull into the driveway. I thought I knew who to expect at that time, and I typically do not remember customers’ vehicles.

But I didn’t recognize the young man either. He was looking around as if HE knew the plan, but I was panicky. I got over my panic and embarrassment quickly when the fellow reminded me that he had reserved through Facebook private message some weeks ago and he apologized for not confirming. I didn’t feel as dufous then, admitting that I had forgot to transfer the reservation to my daybook.

Then Brett said, “You remember Luna!”, and I exclaimed, “Certainly!”. But I thought I remembered a huge white Pyrenees dog (maybe that’s another Luna), but this is Brett’s Luna:

Luna Osadchuk
No harm done, though perhaps Luna is offended, as she growled at me when I asked her to sit. I shall give her a little space until she comes to accept me.

Boarding right now are Gally & Patch, Storm, Baxter, Scruffy & Maple, Pepper & Sunny, Storm & Lumi, Taffi, Buster, Shadow, Luna, Dexter & Jazzmin, Sadie & Nellie, Mr. Lewis and Morag. That is plenty, considering few can be outdoors full time. I love them all, and most seem enamoured by me.


Gally & Patch


Sarah and Justin spent three days with us, and what a wonderful visit it was. The two crazy lovebirds kept me laughing, and I hope so much that they can make this a yearly event, or stay for Christmas Day, or, ideally,  visit more often.


Tomorrow is Christmas Day again. Shelly can come over after her night shift to observe Christmas morning with us. Adrien will try to pop over at some point during the day.

Our darling Kim started out from Calgary, but was held behind a huge accident. She was not involved, but was travelling along, about 30 minutes from home, when she started seeing vehicles in the ditch. Then she learned that there were at least 10 cars involved, and eventually we learned that there were close to 40!

The highway was covered with black ice, and Shelly and I encouraged Kim to go home and stay safe. We are missing her. We are missing Susan, who couldn’t get back from her home in California for Christmas, either. But as long as our loved ones are safe, we don’t stand on protocol … we will treasure togetherness when it happens.


This is “Turbo”, just a little dog whose nails I clipped.

Sorry I haven’t talked to you in almost two weeks. Tonight I’m a bit weary, and will need to be up fairly early to take care of many dogs, cats, and my little human clan as well.

Love, Ann





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