Dogs and Life

Heart full of dog hair …

Today wasn’t any busier than most days lately, and what a nice canine crowd is here: Shadow the Shepherd, Billee, Mr. Lewis, Sadie & Nellie, and Tank.

Actually, Sadie and and Nellie went home this evening. They will be back for Christmas.
Shadow has settled down a lot, not acting so agitated. She has been listening to me well. I’m glad that I had room for this emergency situation: the dog was left behind in an unheated home (no hydropower), and when her owner was well and at home, often tied up outside. For Shadow to have a cozy indoor space with access regularly to a fenced yard seems like an improvement. Still, she is devoted to her owner and would be happy wherever he lives, so I won’t let this go to my head.

Groomed Nellie and Sadie this morning. The two shop cats are so affectionate to any dog on the grooming table that they are sometimes in my way! But I am patient.


Sam the Siamese has become a sort of ambassador to the rescued kittens of the week:

One of the kittens, found almost frozen this week, keeps walking right out through those cage walls, so I let him have the run of the Pet Hostel building. He seems fine and happy, has access to food and water, and as long as he doesn’t wander INTO the wrong dog kennel, he will stay safe.

A high point of my pleasant day was picking up this little gift for our grandaughter. I am thrilled at the creativity of one of my young friends, and have ordered one for another baby on our gift list.


I am having to turn down Christmas boarding requests now. This makes me sad, but if the weather does not warm up considerably, I can’t have dogs staying in the outside-only runs. We are going to have a full house indoors for sure.

Right now in real time, there is a minor saga unfolding in Facebook. Someone has spotted a medium dog, cold and forlorn, in downtown McBride. I know who the dog is but didn’t know where the owner lives. This was answered by someone else following the Post. The owner of the dog cheated me and lied to me, and even so, I would take the pet into our warm building … but it is almost 11 pm and I’m in my nightie. I am not going to drive downtown or give out my phone number. I asked in Facebook that somebody take the dog in for the night, and I can provide shelter tomorrow. Poor old Grizzly dog.


Keeps me awake at night, thinking of creatures and people suffering outdoors in this cold. I even wonder about those kittens … if they are siblings, where did the rest of the litter go?

I’m done for the day. Hope you are well, my friends.

~ Ann



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