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Sunday …

Sunday brunch was great, as usual. We cover so many subjects and share stories and it’s never boring.

While we were out this morning, I consented to boarding a grown German Shepherd but when the friends who were trying to help the owner said they were on their way over with the dog, I sent a semi frantic text, “We’re at breakfast!”  It’s really not a big deal, and our friends kindly waited until we were back home. It is up to me to set limits and have hours of operation, right?

The dog, Shadow, is a high-energy dog, middle-aged but not well trained or respectful. Her owner brought her to me for nail clipping when she was only about 18 months old, and what a handful she was! I rolled around on the floor with her for ages before I completed the task. Owner remarked that Shadow was  jumping on the residents at the seniors’ lodge where he worked, and that it was the “little old ladies’ fault” for encouraging the dog. I am not close with this dog’s owner, but he has had a health issue and is in hospital.

Shadow is settling in, though, and is not aggressive.

Shadow Doucet

This afternoon, I cleared some leftovers out of the fridge to feed to the chickens and then was inspired to bake a small cake and a cheesecake. There’s a pot roast in the slow cooker, so once again we will have enough to eat tonight (being facetious).

After a while, I got a phone call from another friend who had rescued a kitten last week, and several of us have wondered if that one could be a litter mate to the one I picked up from the Hospital last week. I offered to take the other kitten, and now I am hoping against  hope that I can find one home or two for the dear souls.


I had a few grooming appointments this week; this is a pace I’d be happy to handle for years to come.

Ricu was here for two days, and went home with a Christmas haircut. He had to be “short”, as his coat matts easily (so he was rather “felty”).

I’m always happy to see this little mite, “Lily”:

As you can see, Sam the Siamese has befriended almost every dog, and sometimes Smokey and Sam cuddle a grooming dog at the same time.


Sam with Heinz

Dear ol’ McKenna…


Shelly’s dog “retired” here many years ago. McKenna is, we estimate, about 17 years old. We are all just trying to keep her going (and comfortable) for as long as possible.

Here’s a better picture of the dog, Tank. I moved him indoors during the coldest weather.

Tank Gallant

In between pet grooming, boarding and rescuing, and doing the bit of domestic stuff that I love to do (chiefly cooking and baking), and running around on errands (shopping, garbage runs, picking up or delivering stuff from the local Buy & Sell), I have had some time for sewing and crafts.

This is for our wee grandbaby:


I finished a Raggedy Ann that was a naked doll in the closet for a year:


I want to sell her to make some money before Christmas and have listed her in our local Buy & Sell.

Just to make your day, I’m going to post this picture that Kim asked me to look for on our computer. I couldn’t tell you where the original is right now, but I was so glad I found it quickly for my little daughter.


Kim often sucked on her index finger but not her thumb. I guess this provided some comfort when she was exhausted after her snack. Seeing pictures of our daughters as small children makes me weepy: if only I could go back, just for a short time, to hold them all on my lap, read them stories, and treasure those moments again.

It’s supper time! Talk to you later, or another day!

Love, Ann


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