Life and Pets

A rather restful day …

Strange thing: I did less today than I usually do in a day, and was more exhausted. I’m not being too hard on myself, preferring to call it a “restful” day rather than a lazy day. In mid-afternoon, I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I didn’t.

Squeaker went home this evening, and during the days she stayed here, she was shedding profusely. For some reason, I felt bothered even to look at her, I felt like I was itchy. Maybe Squeak was itchy, maybe not, but this morning she got a thorough shampoo and brushing out under the blow dryer. She went home silky and smooth-coated, looking ten pounds lighter, but her owner called her “fatty”. I would say she’s not overweight.

Squeaker Webb

Then I groomed this nice little guy, Levi. He’s a regular, and very gentle and compliant. His owners say that he yelps and frolics about when they tell him that he is going to see “Ann and Lady”. I always do my best, but Levi always looks really choppy when I groom him. I’m grateful that his owners seem satisfied.

Levi Partridge

Then it was lunchtime, and other than a couple of loads of laundry, I didn’t do much else all day. Sorry, I’m repeating myself.

This evening Shelly and I went on a little adventure, which took only about 20 minutes. On the McBride Facebook Buy & Sell page, there had been a free desk, and my daughter spoke for it. We were warned that it was VERY heavy; Shelly needed my truck and of course some more muscle power, and we managed just fine. It is a beautiful, stately piece of furniture.

I babysat these two last weekend. What a joy they were! I find that many of the french bulldogs, boston terriers, and the like, are real comics. Dexter is a French Bulldog, or a cross between that and a boston terrier. Jazzmin … hmmm… I forget what breed mix she is. Jazzmin was a lot shyer, but got over herself.

Late this morning, after Levi’s spa treatement, I cleaned the guinea pig cage. This was the first time Sam the Siamese had witnessed the event. He had never seen Taffy up close and personal, and the kitten seemed fascinated by the big mouse in the dishpan.


At one point, Sam climbed right in to the dishpan while I watched, but then he delivered a tentative swat to the piggy. I never want to have the defenseless Taffy victimized, so I took Sam back out, hurried up the cage-cleaning process, and returned the pig to her own space along with that delicious lunch.

Then it seemed clear that Sam was more interested in taking over the new “cat bed” than he was interested in Taffy! He crawled right in and stayed there much of the afternoon.


Oh, how I love the two cats that are “lifers” here now. Sam is now almost as big as Smokey, who is three years old. Both are the most purry, gentle creatures around humans, though Smokey is an avid hunter and perhaps the kitten will also be. They are cats, after all.

This is one very unusual night in that there is just one boarder, a large adolescent German Shepherd. His owner is an RCMP officer, but the dog was a “reject” from the K-9 Corps, as Tank wasn’t, and is not, aggressive enough. He has a ferocious bark, but Tank is well trained and biddable.Tank.jpg

Soon, business will pick up and I will enjoy that as well.

I got a phone call from my elderly renter today. She asked me to come to see her to pick up a receipt for money she had spent, to use this for my income tax. I am curious about what the purchase is (for $150). She had asked me to reduce her rent because she couldn’t even afford fuel for her vehicle when she needed to go to the doctor, and now I’m wondering if she is spending money on the old house that I would not normally spend. Things have changed between us, and I feel sad and somewhat guilty. Long ago, I was warned by others to “just” be the landlady, not to try to be such friends, and now I feel I’m being played, and have been played, and not treated like a friend myself. The issue of being asked to reduce an already reasonable rent is part of a shift in my feelings toward my renter. That I consented is all on me.

I have family to watch over, at least figuratively, and friends to worry about, and it is exhausting to feel that I should be taking care of more people than I’m able to. If I ever become a senior alone, I am going to have to remember that I said this, and not depend on others to come to me to entertain, or to cure loneliness. Available to Rose are resources in our town for seniors’ activities including luncheons and craft/sewing sessions, bus tours and concerts. There is some financial aid available too.

I’m all talked out for the night … can’t believe it’s almost 11:30.

Love you all,



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