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As I worked or puttered this week, I thought of catchy titles for a blog post, and semi-riveting subjects to chat about. Now, nothing really comes to mind.

I haven’t been too busy, and I am really liking that. I’ve spent a ton of money on fabric, which is silly: I’ve bought myself more clutter and potential projects that haunt my dreams and waking hours, when I had reduced my fabric “stash” to a minimum.

It’s very hard to believe December is here! October and November seemed to pass in a fog, and I can’t really explain that either. I was driving along the other day, on my way to picking up some notions and fabric again from a friend’s in-home shop, and was trying to remember why I was stressed and crying on my way there the last time visited her.

That’s the thing to keep in mind, I suppose … what is of paramount importance one day, a worry that overwhelms a person, could be forgotten the next. Or it could be replaced by another concern or stressor. Keep in mind, also, that there is always someone to listen, make coffee, offer a hug.

It is winter now. Gary usually takes care of all of the snow handling, I say for the record. Even so, the snow and colder temperatures brings relief from rain and cold spongy ground and sometimes, the greyest of days. Soon the days will also start getting longer again!

We learned a short while ago that Sarah and Justin will come for Christmas! About a week later, Sarah phoned and iterated that they are quite pulled by family, this way and that, and they can only arrive on December 22 and be on their way home on the 24th. I was sympathetic and determined not to send any guilt whatsoever, and responded, “Oh well, Christmas is when people are together. We’ll eat and drink too much on the 23th then!”. I’m just grateful and thrilled that they are going to visit here.

It seems at this moment that all three of my girls will be here for Christmas. Gary’s girl, Beth, her husband and baby Juno, stay at home during that Season.

I’ve been awake since 5 am., but I didn’t get out of bed until almost 7. It’s time to put the coffee on and make breakfast: Gary is already outside clearing snow!


Now it’s after 9 pm.  During part of the day, our Internet was out, so I couldn’t get back to visit with you.

Aside from pet care, I busied myself with a sewing project, and it didn’t go well for awhile. I’m working on a simple quilt or comforter, and decided that it should be less simple, more elaborate. Then my trusty old Janome sewing machine decided not to cooperate.

I replaced the machine needle. I changed to higher quality thread. I did test strips. I cleaned the machine. Still, the heavy old workhorse balked, skipping stitches until there were more skipped ones than good ones. I was crazy frustrated.

Then I remembered that I had bought a small sewing machine on an online sale: it was in the car! I brought in the little Singer, unpacked it and methodically set it up. Compared to the old workhorse, this one is a dutiful pony, and guess what? During the afternoon, I sewed dozens of seams without a problem . Back in business.

For now, I’m limited only by my own ineptitude. I’m not putting myself down … I actually seem to be out of practice when it comes to sewing. With that, I am also short of patience. I will keep at it, doing my best to finish the projects I’ve planned or started.

While I sewed this afternoon, I thought of how grateful I am to my late mother, who sent me to sewing classes in downtown Calgary, almost 50 years ago. My sister and I would take the bus on Saturday mornings… I guess the courses took a few weeks.

There were Home Economics courses in school too, and I remember rules and tips and tricks from those classes too.

Here are a few pics of the souls which feed my soul. I’ll decide the order as I go:


Left to right: Shelly, Susan, Kim and Matt. This was at the “after party”, on the evening of their paternal grandmother’s funeral. (Yes, Gary and I were invited and attended.)




It seems that we’re down to two young cats and an elusive black stray. Old Gilbert, bless her heart, has not been seen anywhere for many weeks, and she is not in the neighbour’s barn. I get so much joy out of Smokey and Sam though; the kitten, brought to me cold and mewling,  is now almost as big as the adult Smokey, and fearless like Smokey too. They are still working out a hierarchy or at least a truce. Sam wants to play, sometimes roughly, and Smokey is disdainful.

In the photo, Sam is “helping” as I assemble items to list for sale in our local Facebook buy and sell page.

You’ve met Shadow before. She was just here for a day last week, and I took it upon myself to give her a refreshing shampoo. She doesn’t appear to mind, but can look woebegone for the camera.

Shadow Krinke

Little Tigger and Ring arrive together for their spa day. Their owners are related, and for the humans, it is a trip to McBride from Valemount, and they go for lunch and do some shopping.

Tigger Olsen Tigger Olsen Ring Olsen

It absolutely makes my day to spend time with this little honey. She was adopted from a shelter, but resembles a bearded collie. “Skye” is as humble and gentle as they come.

skye skyebelly skyemarchsmokey

This is Sasha. This beauty was here for boarding and a nail trim. She objected to the Dremel rotary grinder a lot less than the actual nail cutters! We managed.

Sasha Clay

Rosie and the cats:

Rosie Scheller


Zippy, another favourite “regular”. His owner says that the little dog acts overjoyed when told he’s going to see Ann for a haircut.

It is now time to say goodnight to the guests, close the doggy doors and institute “lights out”. There are still night lights and soft music in the kennel building. We have Jazzmine & Dexter (photos later), Seltzer & Maya, Rye & Max. Outdoors we have Squeak and Tank, two adolescent German Shepherds.

Goodnight to you, also, dear readers.

Love, Ann

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